Department of Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
Government of India
M/s. Satatva Marketing Pvt. Ltd. PROFORMA
(i) Name of the Company (As Registered) M/s. Satatva Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
(ii) CIN No: U74999GJ2018PTC101372
(iii) Name and address of Directors on Board(Enclose details) 2
Director Name 1 Mr. Shailesh Kumar Jethalal Paida
Director Address 1 Pwd, House Opp. Mahavir Nagar Complex Delwada Road, Una Junagadh-362560, Gujarat
Director Name 2 Mr. Jignesh Kumar Haresh Kumar Nandha
Director Address 2 B-802, Vastupuja Heights Near Panvel Point, Mota Varachha Surat-394101, Gujarat
(a) Address of Registered Office (Enclose copy of Registration Certificate): 5/932, Office No.102, 1st Floor, Gopinath Appt, Jadakhadi, Mahidapura, Surat-395003
(b) Email :
(c) Telephone Nos: 6359248223
(d) Company Website:
(e) Details of other registrations (with jurisdiction), if any
( Attach copy of Registration Certificate)
(f) Type of Entity (Private, Public, Trust, Ltd. Etc.) Private
(a) Address 5/932, Office No.102, 1st Floor, Gopinath Appt, Jadakhadi, Mahidapura, Surat-395003
(b) Email :
(c) Details of Key Management Personnel as per registration under the Companies Act: Mr. Jignesh Kumar Haresh Kumar Nandha
(d) Details of Regional Offices: NA
(e) Nodal Officer for interacting with D/o Consumer Affairs; (Name, designation, Tel No., e-mail, Fax, mobile No.) Mr.Shailesh Kumar Jethalal Paida,6359248223,,00,6359248223
4. Whether anyone from the Management was convicted by any court in the past within the past 5 years (from the date of application). If so, the details thereof;
5.Whether direct selling is of Products or services or both?
6. Details of License(s), Trade Mark or Principal Brand which indentifies the company:
TM App.No.3805784
i.Address / Telephone Nos. / e-mails etc. of Customer Care & Grievance Redress Cells(HQ & Branches); 5/932, Office No.102, 1st Floor, Gopinath Appt, Jadakhadi, Mahidapura, Surat-395003, 6359248223
ii.Details of Consumer Grievance Redress Committee as per guidelines:
  • a. Member Name, Phone No,Email
Mr. Jignesh Kumar Nandha,6359248223,
  • b. Member Name, Phone No,Email
Mr. Sheikh Majeed,7229083540,
  • c. Member Name, Phone No,Email
Mr. Ketanbhai Kantharia,9913894988,
(Direct Selling Business Details)
8. Details of Products / Services offered(Give link of websites)
9. Please confirm the following about your direct selling scheme:-
(a) It has no provision that a Direct Seller will receive remuneration or incentives for the recruitment / enrolment of new participants and provide that direct sellers will receive remuneration derived only from the sale of goods or services.   Yes
(b) It does not require a participant to purchase goods or services:
i. for an amount that exceeds an amount for which such goods or services can be expected to be sold or resold to consumers;   Yes
ii. for a quantity of goods or services that exceeds an amount that can be expected to be consumed by, or sold or resold to consumers;   Yes
(c) It does not require a participant to pay any entry/registration fee, cost of sales demonstration equipment and materials or other fees relating to participation;   Yes
(d) It provides a participant with a written contract describing the “material terms” of participation;   Yes
(e)It allows or provides for a participant a reasonable cooling-off period to participate or cancel participation in the scheme and receive a refund of any consideration given to participate in the operations;   Yes
(f) It allows or provides for a buy-back or repurchase policy for “currently marketable” goods or services sold to the participant at the request of the participant at reasonable terms;   Yes
Note :
  1. Give details in regard to the above in an enclosure.
  2. In case any of the answers in this para is ‘No’, please provide full details with reasons in an enclosure.
(a) Whether proper identity document(s) to all the Direct Sellers are issued.   Yes
(b) Whether you maintain “Register of Direct Sellers” wherein relevant details of each enrolled Direct Seller is updated and maintained with details including verifiable proof of address, proof of identity and PAN as per the Income Tax Act.   Yes
(c) What is the mechanism for payment of VAT? Give details.   Instructions issued by the Govt. of India for payment GST will be adhered by DSE
(a) The website is proper and updated regularly with all relevant details, contact information, details pertaining to management, products, product information and complaint redress mechanism for direct sellers and consumers.   Yes
(b) There are arrangements for registering consumer complaints online or otherwise and grievances are resolved within 45 days of date of making such complaints. Details to be provided.   Yes
12.Notes/Remarks, if any.
I / We, Shailesh Kumar Jethalal Paida in the capacity of Director of the Satatva Marketing Pvt. Ltd. company / firm declare that we are compliant with the following:
(a) We do not promote a Pyramid Scheme, as defined in Clause 1(11) or enroll any person to such scheme or participate in such arrangement in any manner whatsoever in the garb of doing Direct Selling business.
(b) We do not participate in Money Circulation Scheme, as defined in Clause 1(12) in the garb of Direct Selling of Business Opportunities.
(c) We are compliant with all the remaining aspects mentioned in the guidelines issued vide F. No. 21/18/2014-IT (Vol-II) dated 9th September, 2016 by the Department of Consumers, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and shall also provide such details as may be notified from time to time.
Place :Surat
Date :2018-06-08 14:41:48
Name :Shailesh Kumar Jethalal
Designation :Director
Tel No :6359248223
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