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Directors (Nodal Officers) of Public Grievances in GoI

Water Sector

Water system is a state subject and every state has their own grievance redressal system.

The area Zonal officer of the concerned authority should be contacted. There is a provision of special reading after paying a nominal fee.

If the consumer meter had remained functional for last 12 months, then consumer will be billed on the average consumption of that 12 months period till new meter is installed/ fixed by Water Supply Authority, otherwise for un-metered connections, the department charges at a flat rate of consumption as laid down by the water Department of the City.

Yes, this facility is available free of cost and the complainant can contact the Director of Quality Control of the department.

Yes at a nominal cost for which the applications are available free of cost in the office of the concerned Executive Engineer.

A consumer can file a case in consumer court and can file a RTI in the same department.

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The Consumer Protection Act

An Act to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and for that purpose to make provision...


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