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Legal Metrology FAQs

Legal Metrology is the science of Weights and Measures

Weight and Measures are being used by traders and Industries for commercial transactions and consumer protection purposes

All types of commercial weights, capacity measure, length measure, dispensing pump, flow meters etc

The weights and measures are being verified by local legal metrology officers of the State Government.

Such complaints may be filed with local legal metrology officers or with the controller legal metrology of the respective State Governments. Letters and e-mails can also be sent to Deputy Director, Legal Metrology, DCA, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi. (E-mail:

  • MRP stands for Maximum Retail Price which is inclusive of all taxes.
  • No retailer/ dealer can sell the packaged commodity at a price more than MRP.
  • Check the MRP on products before purchasing. Charging more than MRP is not allowed.
  • Keep your eyes open and always check prices.

The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 mandates declarations of name and address of the manufacturer / packer / importer, name of the commodity, net quantity, maximum retail price, month and year of manufacture / packing / import and consumer care details pertaining to pre-packaged commodities.

Mandatory Declaration of Information on the Label of a Pack

  1. Name and address of manufacturer/packer/importer
  2. Name of the commodity contained in the package
  3. Net quantity:
    • In terms of standard units of weight or measure.
    • Commodities listed in Schedule II to the Rules should be packed in standard quantities.
    • Terms like ‘approximate’,‘about’, ‘when packed’ should not qualify as net content declaration.
    • Sweets should be weighed without box.
  4. Month and year of packing
    • May be indicated as 02/05 or Feb/05.
    • For products like tubes, the declaration may be on the crimped surface.
  5. Retail sale price in the form “MRP” (inclusive of all taxes)
    • The MRP is not a Government fixed price. Consumers can bargain.
    • No retail dealer is allowed to sell the package at a price more than MRP.
    • Penal provisions are available if a package is sold at a price more than MRP.
    • Putting of price sticker to increase the printed price is not permitted.
    • Putting of price stickers to reduce the printed price is permitted, provided the earliest declaration of the manufacturer is visible.
  6. Consumer Contact
    • Consumer Cell details, like name and address of the contact person, telephone no. and e-mail.
  7. General
    • All declaration shall be conspicuous and unambiguous.

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An Act to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and for that purpose to make provision...


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