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A.LPG is a clean cooking fuel options for India. The public sector companies those who are supplying domestic LPG are (i) IOCL with their subsidiary company IBP .(ii) HPCL (iii) BPCL.

A.CNG produced and marketed by GAIL through distributors like Indraprastha Gas Ltd ( IGL ) in Delhi NCR, Mahanagar Gas Ltd ( MGL) in Mumbai etc, who are responsible to run CNG filing centers and supply of piped natural gas (PNG) through pipe lines for domestic use.

A. PNG is procured from the oil/gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines across the country.

Ans. The nearest gas distributor may be approached for a new connection. Alternately you may book for new gas connection on-line, along with your Know your customer (KYC) form.

Ans. KYC is a format which helps consumers to provide relevant details for (1) Proof of identity and (2) Proof of Address along with a few personal details.

Ans. KYC for is available with your distributor, free of cost. You can also download the KYC form online.

Ans. KYC format is required to be submitted along with Proof of identity as well Proof of Address for updating your address in the distributor’s system.

Ans. Please insist on cash memos, which should contain the complete charges paid by you. The various charges including deposits and service charges are displayed on he boards at the showroom.

Ans. Yes. The refills can be booked by IVRS, online through the website and by SMS.

Ans. In case of Gas leakage beyond working hours and on holidays, you can contact Emergency Service Cell (ESC) operating in your area; Phone Nos. of the ESC is mentioned on the refill cash memos.

Ans. For immediate redressal of your complaint please call the Customer Service Cell or the nearest Regional office. Alternately, you can log your complaint Online or call the Toll free Helpline number of the service provider.

Ans. No. Customer is at liberty to purchase them from any source provided it is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS).

Ans. PNG consumers are required to surrender their LPG connection to their LPG distributor within six months.

Ans. The weight of the empty cylinder (Tare Weight) is stenciled on the shroud of the cylinder. The weight of filled LPG cylinder is 14.2 kg. Therefore, the weight of the filled cylinder would be "Tare Weight"+14.2 kg.

Ans. No. Use of Domestic LPG in motor vehicle, geyser or any other LPG run appliances is prohibited under LPG Control Order. Instead, you can use Auto LPG in vehicles. However, non-domestic LPG in 19 kg can be used for such purposes.

  • The normal mode of delivery of an LPG cylinder by the distributor to the consumer is home delivery only.
  • There is no additional charge for home delivery.
  • However, under special circumstances like riots, curfews strikes etc., oil companies may authorize in writing select dealers to resort to 'Cash and Carry' supply on optional and temporary basis till normalcy is restored

Ans. In case of replacement for loss of cylinder/regulator, an Undertaking as per format is to be given on plain paper to your distributor.Replacement of lost/defective Cylinders/Regulators can be done in the following cases: For cylinders:

  • Cylinders damaged in accidents due to LPG are replaced free of cost to the customer.
  • Established case of theft, supported by FIR and non- traceable certificate from police. In case customer is unable to produce FIR, replacement will be at Penal Tariff only.
For Regulators:
  • Theft and accident cases would be dealt as above. In other cases, penal Tariff is levied.
  • Normal wear and tear involving (a) broken regulating knob and (b) broken Bakelite ring (bearing collar) will be replaced free of charge.
  • Regulators with broken or damaged body, broken outlet nozzle, missing top or Bakelite ring, opened and re-riveted ones will be replaced at Normal Tariff.

Ans. In case, the transfer is within the city or in certain adjoining city, then

  • The existing distributor will issue e-Customer Transfer Advise (e-CTA) ie. Authorisation Code on production of Subscription Voucher (SV). The e-CTA is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  • The SV with the Authorisation Code should be produced to the new distributor, who will enrol the customer & return the original SV after endorsement. The SV is an important document and should be retained safely.
In case of transfer of connection from one place to another,
  • The distributor at the current location will issue Termination Voucher (TV) and will refund the deposit amount mentioned in the SV, on surrender of existing equipments (cylinder/s and regulator). The TV is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Do not surrender your Domestic Gas Consumer Card. The same card can be used at the new location after endorsement by the new distributor.
  • Reconnection can be availed at the new place by payment of the same deposit amount mentioned in the TV. Please collect the new SV and retain it safely.

A (i) Death of SV Holder:
To transfer the connection in the name of legal heir / within the family, after death of consumer, please submit the following to the distributor.

  • An application with details
  • Documents giving proof of relationship
  • Death Certificate
  • Original SV/Affidavit for loss of SV
(ii) Due to Marriage:
Please submit the following to your distributor.
  • An application with details
  • Documents giving proof of marriage (marriage certificate)
  • Original SV/Affidavit for loss of SV.

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