1 Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. 2016-10-04 U41000TN2015PTC100366 TamilNadu Karnataka The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.
2 Smartway India Enterprises LLP 2016-11-07 AAC-7557 New Delhi New Delhi
3 Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited 2016-11-23 U74900TN2013PTC092509 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
4 SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE MARKETING PVT. LTD. 2016-11-25 U52390DL2001PTC109313 New Delhi New Delhi
5 Gananapati sales (opc) pvt. Ltd. 2016-11-27 U51101CT2015OPC001737 Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh
6 ARL Retail Private Limited 2016-11-28 U52390DL2011PTC227648 New Delhi New Delhi
7 Rich vision Inida E-commerce Multiservices Pvt. Ltd. 2016-11-28 U74120PN2015PTC154975 Maharashtra Maharashtra
8 Oriens Global Marketing Private Limited 2016-11-29 U51909TN2010PTC074263 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
9 International Marketing Corporation Private Limited 2016-11-30 U15490PB2013PTC038243 Punjab Punjab
10 Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt Ltd 2016-11-30 U51100DD2012PTC004708 DAMAN AND DIU DAMAN AND DIU
11 Gyankul Network Private Limited 2016-11-30 U93000HR2013PTC049726 Haryana Haryana
12 Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-01 U72900PN2000PTC142615 DAMAN & DIU DAMAN & DIU
13 Sarso Biznet International Private Limited 2016-12-02 U51909PB2011PTC034983 Punjab Punjab
14 Fashion Suitings Pvt Ltd 2016-12-02 U18108RJ1988PTC004383 Rajasthan Rajasthan
15 I MWAY Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-02 U74999MH2015PTC267793 Maharashtra Maharashtra
16 Tranzindia corporate network pvt. ltd 2016-12-05 U74900TZ2011PTC017358 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
17 Cmax Global Marketing Pvt. Ltd 2016-12-05 U74140DL2015PTC286415 Delhi Delhi
18 Click N Pick Websale Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-05 U52190RJ2012PTC041124 Rajasthan Delhi
19 NVN Empire Educare Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U72900GJ2015PTC085547 Gujarat Gujarat
20 Unicity Health Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U85110KA2010PTC085191 Karnataka Karnataka
21 AAROGYAM HERBS PVT LTD. 2016-12-07 U474999DL2016PTC30357 New Delhi New Delhi
23 Pentaworld India Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U52100GJ2011PTC066406 GUJARAT GUJARAT
24 Sunrider India Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U5109HR2004PTC035289 Haryana Haryana
25 Wellscience Health Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U85190DL2009PTC187283 New Delhi Haryana
26 Kanwhizz Industries Limited 2016-12-07 U74120UP2016PLC077007 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
27 PAMOSA TRADE INDIA PVT. LTD 2016-12-07 U51909PN2012PTC145714 Maharashtra Maharashtra
28 Blulife Marketing Private Limited 2016-12-07 U52100KA2016PTC085595 Karnataka Karnataka
29 Amulya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U85100CH2014PTC035046 Chandigarh Haryana
30 SHASTA ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-12-07 U52190RJ2014PTC044960 Rajasthan Rajasthan
31 Indosys Life Science Private Limited 2016-12-07 U24233KA2011PTC057538 Karnataka Karnataka
32 Add-Shop Promotions Private Limited 2016-12-07 U51109GJ2013PTC076482 Gujarat Gujarat
33 Daily Need Marketing And Retail Private Limited 2016-12-07 U52590HR2015PTC056073 Haryana Haryana
34 Balaji Tradevision Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U52190RJ2011PTC036648 Rajasthan Rajasthan
35 ASCLEPIUS WELLNESS PVT LTD 2016-12-07 U51909DL2014PTC272296 New Delhi New Delhi
36 Pro Young International Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U52100TG2007PTC054540 Andhra Pradesh Telangana
37 Noni Biotech Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U72900TN2001PTC047205 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
38 DSR Electronics And Financial Services Private Limited 2016-12-07 U51900MH2006PTC161224 Maharashtra Maharashtra
39 Yuvanrich Sales and Services Private Limited 2016-12-07 U74999MH2016PTC282156 Maharashtra Maharashtra
40 RLC Multitrade Private Limited 2016-12-08 U51909DL2015PTC288265 Delhi Delhi
41 Sami Direct Marketing Private Ltd. 2016-12-08 U52399KA2010PTC054072 Karnataka Karnataka
42 G19 Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-08 U74999DL2016PTC290770 Delhi Haryana
43 Life is Good 2016-12-08 na Punjab Punjab
44 Masterminds worldtrade business solution limited 2016-12-08 U51909DL2016PLC289194 Delhi New Delhi
45 Sanelaa greens private limited 2016-12-08 U52100MH2016PTC271737 Maharashtra Maharashtra
46 Rising Rainbow Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-08 U52590MH2016PTC283922 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
47 Biosash Business Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-08 U74140HR2015PTC057274 Haryana Haryana
48 INDUS HEALTH PLUS PVT LTD 2016-12-08 U85200MH1995PTC091382 Maharashtra Maharashtra
49 Hi-Scan Marketing And Consultancy Private Limited 2016-12-08 U51909GJ2014PTC078311 Gujarat Gujarat
50 M/s Vestige Marketing Pvt ltd 2016-12-09 U51909DL2004PTC126738 New Delhi New Delhi
51 DXN Marketing India Private Limited 2016-12-09 U15490TN2014PTC095516 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
52 Wellness Family Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-09 U52399KA2014PTC074716 Karnataka Karnataka
53 K-Link Healthcare (India) Private Limited 2016-12-09 U85199TN2001PTC048131 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu

There is a Case C.C. No. 100 of 2017 in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Khozhikode, Kerala, arising from FIR No. 24/CR/EOWIII/KKD/13 CBCID-EOW III, Khozhikode (Crime No. 15/13, Kasaba Police Station,Khozhikode). High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam stayed all further proceedings before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Khozhikode (Kerala) vides its order dated 25.07.2017 in Crl.M.A. No. 8207/2017 in Crl.M.C. 5080/2017 in the matter of K-Link Healthcare (India) Private Limited Vs. State of Kerala & Ors..

54 JMVD MultiTrade Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U74120UP2012PTC050064 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

55 Planet Dewsoft Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-09 U74900DL2015PTC281341 New Delhi New Delhi
56 Sahaj Lifecare Products Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-09 U51900Gj2014PTC080113 GUJARAT GUJARAT
57 Moringo Organics Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U51109KA2012PTC063338 Karnataka Karnataka

An FIR was registered against this DSE vide crime No. 267 of 2018 by Bangalore Police under section 420 of IPC read with this section 4 & 5 of the Prize chits and Money Circulation(Banning) Act, 1978. However, the Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka vide order dated 04.09.2018 stayed all further proceedings in the case as an interim relief.

58 GK Lifecare Solutions Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U74999UR2016PTC007213 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

59 Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd 2016-12-09 L74950DD2005PLC003775 DAMAN & DIU DAMAN & DIU
60 Axil Core Business Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U74900MH2012PTC226956 Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh
61 LAIET ALLIANCE PVT. LTD. 2016-12-09 U93000PB2015PTC039739 Punjab Punjab
62 IIN Eduworld Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-09 U80301GJ2015PTC084249 Gujarat Gujarat
63 modicare Ltd 2016-12-13 U72200DL1973PLC110617 New Delhi New Delhi
64 Winnature International Pvt Ltd 2016-12-13 U74999MH2015PTC267412 Maharashtra Maharashtra
65 Smart Value Products And Services Limited 2016-12-13 U50300DL2006PLC191355 Delhi Delhi
66 Amway India Enterprises Private Limited 2016-12-14 U74120DL1995PTC071405 New Delhi Haryana

(i) A case against M/s Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is under investigation by Directorate of Enforcement under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundring Act(PMLA),2002.
(ii) Several criminal cases against M/s Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and its functionaries are pending/ under investigation in the States of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana and Kerala.
These are only those cases which have been brought to the notice of Department of Consumer Affairs.

67 NORTON SALES PVT LTD 2016-12-14 U74899DL1983PTC015659 New Delhi New Delhi

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

68 DCorp India Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U51900GJ2016PTC086132 Gujarat Gujarat
69 KRISHNA AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD 2016-12-14 U01403MH2014PTC258115 Maharashtra Maharashtra
70 ITSPOSSIBLE NUTRACEUTICALS LIMITED 2016-12-14 U2429DL2012PLC2333327 New Delhi New Delhi
71 Prime Direct Solutions India Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U70100MH2014PTC257704 Maharashtra Maharashtra
72 Toptime Network Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U74999DL2016PTC300844 New Delhi New Delhi
73 Lit Holidays Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U55101DL2015PTC285728 New Delhi New Delhi
74 Uninature Life Science Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U51900GJ2016PTC093074 Gujarat Gujarat
75 Oxi9 Essentials Pvt. Ltd 2016-12-14 U52599GJ2011PTC066079 Gujarat Gujarat
76 Herbal Fitness Private Limited 2016-12-14 U24133CH2013PTC034687 Chandigarh Haryana
77 Kissan Crop Care & Multiservices Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U01403MH2015PTC266180 Maharashtra Maharashtra
78 Richlife International Private Limited 2016-12-14 U52100CT2016PTC002203 Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh
79 Dauphin Travel Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U74120DL2003PTC121875 New Delhi New Delhi
80 Pro Healthywayz International LLP 2016-12-14 AAE-0739 ANDHARA PRADESH TELANGANA

A case in Crime No. 475/2018 was registered on 14.11.2018 against the directors of the DSE, among others, under section 406, 420, 120-B read with 34 of IPC and section 4, 5 & 6 read with section 3, 2(C) of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 in Shamirpet Police Station, Cyberabad (Telangana).

81 Kapsun Industries 2016-12-14 Reg.GSTIN24AACFK1110F1Z7 Gujarat Gujarat

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

82 Teamex Retail Limited 2016-12-14 U52100GJ2013PLC073875 Gujarat Gujarat
83 Aura E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U74900DL2011PTC216520 Delhi New Delhi
84 Dream Touch Trade India Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U51100PN2015PTC154470 Maharashtra Maharashtra
85 Aimlife Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U74900WB2012PTC188317 West Bengal West Bengal
86 KEVA INDUSTRIES 2016-12-15 03562062547 Punjab Punjab
87 Avon Beauty Products india Pvt Ltd 2016-12-15 U24246HR1995PTC035642 Haryana Haryana
88 MDML Direct Marketing LLP 2016-12-15 AAC-3075 Gujarat Gujarat
89 Grahak Power India Private Limited 2016-12-15 U74900AP2014PTC095844 Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
90 Smile India Bridge Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-16 U51101TG2015OPC100309 Telangana Telangana
91 HHI Marketing Private Limited 2016-12-20 U51909PB2016PTC040009 Punjab Punjab
92 Vibrant India Realtrade Private Limited 2016-12-20 U70100GJ2014PTC080283 Gujarat Gujarat

A case was registered against this DSE with CID Crime, Ahemdabad (Gujarat) on 05.05.2018. The DSE filed a case CR MA 12773/2018 in the Hon'ble Gujarat High Court on 29.06.2018 for quashing the same.

93 Prove Life Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-20 U52190RJ2015PTC047999 Rajashtan Rajashtan

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

94 Aradhya Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-22 U74999UR2013PTC000577 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
95 Falcon Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-27 U74999PB2009PTC032904 Punjab Punjab
96 WIC SALES POINT PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-12-27 U51909RJ2016PTC056265 Rajasthan Rajasthan
97 WORLD YATRA TOURISM PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-12-27 U63040HR2013PTC049884 Haryana Haryana
98 Care India Direct Selling LLP 2016-12-27 AAB-5657 Rajasthan Rajasthan
99 pugos products private limited 2017-01-04 U52590KA2016PTC086565 Karnataka Karnataka
100 M/s. Yashika Trading And Marketing Private Limited 2017-01-05 U51900CT2015PTC001959 CHHATTISGARH CHHATTISGARH
101 AJS Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-01-05 U52100OR2014PTC018274 Odisha Odisha
102 Direct Bazaar Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-10 U93000GJ2015PTC085367 Gujarat Gujarat
103 Flabia Fresh Pvt.Ltd. 2017-01-11 U74999WB2011PTC171247 West Bengal West Bengal
104 Nidan Herbs Distributor LLP 2017-01-12 AAG-5371 ASSAM ASSAM
105 Being Healthy Pvt Ltd 2017-01-13 U85100HR2015PTC055259 Haryana Haryana
106 Altos Enterprises Ltd 2017-01-16 U52190PB2002PLC25539 Punjab Punjab
107 Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited 2017-01-16 U51909DL2002PTC115140 New Delhi New Delhi
108 Disha Total Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd 2017-01-16 U52100MH2014PTC257310 Maharashtra Maharashtra
109 DNR Shopping Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-16 U52609PN2016PTC165288 Maharashtra Maharashtra
110 Easy Care Consumer Solution Private Limited 2017-01-16 U52590MO2014PTC033129 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
111 KTS Prime Merchandise Private Limited 2017-01-17 U740999RJ2016PTC056017 Rajasthan Rajasthan
112 Zillonlife Global Private Limited 2017-01-17 U74999DL2016PTC305591 New Delhi New Delhi
113 Tupperware India Private Limited 2017-01-18 U25209DL1996PTC078605 New Delhi Haryana

(i) An FIR No. 133/2010 dated 21.04.2010 registered at Ramachandrapuram Police Station, District - Medak (Andhra Pradesh) under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and section 2(C) read with section 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978.

(ii) An FIR No. 245/2015 dated 05.08.2015 registered by the Economic Offences Wing, Chandigarh under section 406 & 420 of Indian Penal Code and section 3 & 4 of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978. The company has challenged legality of the FIR before the Hon'ble Punjab & Haryana High Court in CWP No. 19354 & 19355 of 2015. The matter is sub-judice before the Hon'ble High Court. .

114 Safedeal Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-19 U52320DL2016PTC302364 Delhi New Delhi

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

115 NTEL Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-20 U74130MH2009PTC191870 Maharashtra Maharashtra
116 Golden India Healthy Life Private Limited 2017-01-23 U74999HP2016PTC006223 Himanchal Himanchal
117 Yashowin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U18109PN2015PTC155344 Maharashtra Maharashtra
118 ForLife Trading India Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U51109MH2008PTC207785 Maharashtra Maharashtra
119 Bizective Online Services LLP 2017-01-23 AAF-8730 Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
120 M/s. Choudhary Agro Tech(I) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U01403MH2011PTC214050 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
121 Jasan Travel Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U74999PB2016PTC045594 Punjab Punjab
122 Grow Together Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U52300HR2015PTC057302 Haryana Haryana
123 Ennergix Lifestyle Pvt ltd 2017-01-23 U72900DL2014PTC262930 New Delhi New Delhi
124 Hindustan Trade Smith Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U51900HR2014PTC051605 Haryana Haryana
125 Aizen Lifestyle Private Limited 2017-01-23 U85190KA2011PTC058130 Karnataka Karnataka
126 Vivaayush Enterprises India Private Limited 2017-01-23 U74999PN2014PTC150971 Maharashtra Maharashtra
127 Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U51909PN2008PTC133043 Maharashtra Maharashtra
128 Vividways Venditare india Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U52100UR2014PTC001352 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
129 Maxen Hawk Marketing LLP 2017-01-23 AAD-8515 Haryana Haryana
130 Smart Health PRo-care Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U85100PN2016PTC164546 Maharashtra Maharashtra
131 Real Life Herbal Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U52100HR2013PTC051208 Haryana Haryana
132 Provixo India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U51909WB2016PTC210282 WEST BENGAL WEST BENGAL
133 Influx Multitrade Limited 2017-01-23 U74140PN2004PLC018862 Maharashtra Maharashtra
134 OJAS Exim Private Limited 2017-01-23 U52311GJ2011PTC064437 Gujarat Gujarat
135 eBIZ.COM PVT LTD 2017-01-23 U72200DL2001PTC111183 Delhi Uttar Pradesh

There is a pending FIR against the DSE at Hanamkonda Police Station, Warrangal (Telangana) which was registered in the year 2008.

136 Subhotam Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U74999UR2016PTC007100 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.
137 Dream Freedom Herbal Private Limited 2017-01-23 U52599PB2016PTC040017 Punjab Punjab
138 Forever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U51101MH2011PTC212700 Maharashtra Maharashtra
139 GEE PEE BIO FERT 2017-01-23 Regstd./Sl.No.736/2013-14 Punjab Punjab
140 Herbalife International India Private Limited 2017-01-24 U51909KA1998PTC026098 Karnataka Karnataka
141 Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U51909DL2004PTC125198 New Delhi New Delhi
142 M/s Daehsan Trading India Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51109TN1999PTC043513 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
143 Oriflame India private Limited 2017-01-24 U74899DL1994PTC061083 New Delhi New Delhi
144 TGR Enterprises Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51109GJ2012PTC070665 Gujarat Gujarat
145 Economical Life Freedom Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U52100MH2013PTC240118 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
146 Nebula Infraspace LLP 2017-01-24 AAD-5208 GUJARAT GUJARAT
147 Natura Bioscience Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51909KL2011PTC028178 Kerala Kerala
148 Parasmani Online Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 2017-01-24 U51909DL2008PTC179204 DELHI DELHI
149 RlIONN INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 2017-01-24 U74999TZ20 16PTC028008 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
150 M.P. Dailyneed Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999PN2014PTC150198 Maharashtra Maharashtra
151 DivineStars Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999PN2016PTC165158 Maharashtra Maharashtra
152 Gyan Holidays Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74900DL2015PTC288551 New Delhi New Delhi
153 Swadeshi Marketing And Retail Trading Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U51900MH1999PTC118087 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
154 AarogyaJeevan Healthcare Pvt.Ltd. 2017-01-24 U24233RJ2016PLC055017 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
155 Deepak Energy Conservatives Private Limited 2017-01-24 U29302MH2010PTC198454 Maharashtra Maharashtra
156 SGM Multi Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U01400PN2015PTC157423 Maharashtra Maharashtra
157 Metrokings Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999TN2015PTC102225 TANILNADU TANILNADU
158 Growth India Industries Ltd 2017-01-24 U70200HR2012PLC066107 Haryana Haryana
159 Galaxy Unity Marketing Solutions Private Limited 2017-01-24 U51909MH2017PTC289178 Maharashtra Maharashtra
160 Samrthak Trade Link Private Limited 2017-01-24 U51900GJ2015PTC082321 Gujarat Gujarat
161 Maa Vedica Marketing Service Private Limited 2017-01-24 U52609MP2016PTC041466 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
162 PM-International India Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51909DL2015FTC279574 Delhi Delhi
163 Sharva Life Solutions Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U24232RJ2014PTC046506 Rajasthan Rajasthan
164 Indivar Beauty Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999DL2009PTC192620 New Delhi Haryana
165 My Visionplus Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U74999MH2016PTC286580 Maharashtra Maharashtra
166 Green Planet Bio Products 2017-01-24 Serial No. of Firm - 2236 of 2012-13 Punjab Punjab
167 Tasar Care 2017-01-24 PARTNERSHIPDEED Punjab Punjab
168 Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U52399DL2016PTC307914 New Delhi New Delhi
169 Arya Smart Marketing Private Limited 2017-01-24 U52100JH2013PTC001688 Jharkhand Jharkhand
170 DNAR Multinational Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51909DL2013PTC257314 New Delhi NCT of Delhi
171 Healing Touch Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74900JK2012PTC003667 Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir
172 Walpar Healthcare 2017-01-24 Regn.GUJ/AMS/38145 GUJARAT GUJARAT
173 Fly Wings Marketing International (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U93090MH2015OPC266416 Maharashtra Maharashtra
174 Webillion Infocom Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74140DL2013PTC258582 New Delhi New Delhi
175 Genex Herba Private Limited 2017-01-24 U74999UP2016PTC085576 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
176 Zeal Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U24231PN2013PTC146024 Maharashtra Maharashtra
177 Bestway Health And Future Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-25 U74999HR2016PTC063724 HARYANA HARYANA
178 Star Line Networkng Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-25 U52399PB2013PTC037772 PUNJAB PUNJAB
179 Arising Direct Marketing Private Limited 2017-01-25 U74999TG2016PTC111862 TELANGANA TELANGANA
180 My Divine Visionary Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-25 U74999PN2016PTC165577 Maharashtra Maharashtra
181 Hope International Pvt Ltd 2017-01-27 U80904GJ2012PTC071876 Gujarat Gujarat
182 Deccan Healthcare Private Limited 2017-02-01 U72200TG1996LC024351 Telangana Telangana
183 Prime Health 5D (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U24290KA2012PTC064317 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
184 GURU SSR India Distributors pvt Ltd 2017-02-01 451909PN2008PTC133240 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
185 M/s.Saarvasri Herbs Private Limited 2017-02-01 U51397OR2013PTC017390 ODISHA WEST BENGAL
186 Ultrawin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U15139RJ2013PTC043060 Rajasthan Rajasthan
187 Achievers Retailmart Private Limited 2017-02-01 U52100UP2015PTC072820 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
188 Herbal Ways Diets Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U51229PB2002PTC25627 Punjab Punjab
189 Savefuel Tech Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U74120MH2013PTC250288 Maharashtra Maharashtra
190 Maxgrow Biotech Pvt Ltd 2017-02-02 U51497PB2003PTC026600 Punjab Punjab
191 Proglen Global Ventures Private Limited 2017-02-02 U74999RJ2016PTC056645 Rajashtan Rajashtan
192 Oyster Ptoducer Company Limited 2017-02-02 U01100DL2016PTC307467 Delhi Delhi
193 Penuel Nexus Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-09 U74999KL2016PTC040317 Kerala Kerala
194 NJ Mart Private Limited 2017-02-14 U74997MH2016PTC280612 Maharashtra Maharashtra
195 Vizhop Innovators Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-14 U74999GJ2016PTC093497 GUJARAT GUJARAT
196 Zestik Business Pvt Ltd 2017-02-14 U52399PB2014PTC038608 Punjab Punjab
197 Speak People Trading India Private Limited 2017-02-16 U52609UR2016PTC007325 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
198 Ceyone Nutri India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-20 U74900WB2013PTC190654 West Bengal West Bengal
199 Mudra Power Infotec Private Limited 2017-03-01 U74999MH2016PTC283046 Maharashtra Maharashtra
200 Fortune Smart Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 2017-03-02 U51100MH2002PTC135138 Maharashtra Maharashtra
201 Sarvodaya Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd. 2017-03-03 U52190RJ2008PTC27314 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
202 Seven Dreams Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-03-06 U51909PN2016PTC167625 Maharashtra Maharashtra
203 One World Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-03-07 U52399DL2016PTC301656 Delhi Delhi
204 Lyoness India Pvt Ltd 2017-03-09 U74140DL2015FTC280270 New Delhi New Delhi
205 AMC Cookware (India) Private Limited 2017-03-14 U29309KA2000PTC031050 Karnataka Karnataka
206 MNH Healthcare India (OPC) PVt. Ltd. 2017-03-27 U85310DL2016OPC309870 Delhi New Delhi
207 Champions Multi Product Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2017-03-28 U52100UP2015PTC073698 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
208 Radiate Trademart Pvt Ltd 2017-04-06 U51909RJ2017PTC057565 Rajasthan Rajasthan
209 Zeppar World Accessories Pvt Ltd 2017-04-06 U19200DL2016PTC298447 Delhi Delhi
210 JVJ Eduway Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-04-28 U80900KL2017PTC48276 KERALA KERALA
211 Verbena Life Cure Marketing PVt. Ltd. 2017-05-09 U52609MP2017PTC043067 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
212 Jolly Life Care Pvt. Ltd. 2017-05-12 U52609PB2016PTC045908 Punjab Punjab
213 INDCONNECT MARKETING PVT. LTD. 2017-05-22 U74999PN2017PTC169376 Maharashtra Maharashtra
214 IWENS Private Limited 2017-05-22 U31906HR2017PTCo68141 Haryana Haryana
215 KEY2SUCCESS Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-05-23 U74999CT2017PTC007749 Chhattisgarh Chattisgarh
216 Budhacharya PSB Network Pvt Ltd 2017-06-02 U74999MH2017PTC292089 Maharashtra Maharashtra
217 Nexgen Umeed India Private Limited 2017-06-02 U74999PB2017PTC046172 Punjab Punjab
218 SunEdge Marketing Private Ltd. 2017-07-17 U52100PN2016PTC158168 Maharashtra Maharashtra
219 Rhinos Health And Safety Private Limited 2017-07-17 U74999PN2016PTC167276 Maharashtra Maharashtra
220 Digicraft Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 2017-07-17 U51909DL2017PTC316873 DELHI DELHI
221 SFG Marketing & Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2017-07-18 U52599MP2012PTC029487 Maharashtra Maharashtra
222 Jeuness Global India Private Limited 2017-07-24 U74999DL2016FTC303965 Delhi Delhi
223 Livrm Marketing Private Limited 2017-07-25 U74999UP2017PTC089106 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
224 Magnessa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 2017-08-10 U74999TN2014PTC095457 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
225 Healux International Pvt. Ltd. 2017-08-21 U51103KA2015PTC079281 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
226 Ayurveda Aadhar India Limited 2017-08-22 U74999DL2017PLC318079 Delhi Delhi
227 Varsana Lifecare Private Limited 2017-08-23 U85200PB2017PTC046540 Punjab Punjab
228 Biowell Universe Pvt. Ltd. 2017-09-01 U36999UP2017PTC091510 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
229 Retail 1947 Enterprises Pvt. ltd. 2017-09-01 U52390HR2011PTC042611 DELHI DELHI
230 Phygicart E-Commerce Private Limited 2017-09-11 U52609KL2017PTCO49681 Kerala Kerala
231 Nexusworld Wellness Private Limited 2017-09-12 U74999UP2017PTC089499 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
232 Frentic Retail & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-06 U74999MH2017PTC297430 Maharashtra Maharashtra
233 RLI Marketing Private Limited 2017-10-10 U36999UP2017PTC092720 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
234 Forever Herbal Products 2017-10-11 U85100PB2013PTC037326 Punjab Punjab
235 Eazyways Arogya Healthcare (P) Ltd. 2017-10-13 U51909DL2017PTC311115 DELHI DELHI
236 Conybio Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-17 U33112TN1998PTC041656 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
237 SHT Enterprises 2017-10-17 Regst.No.03BHXPS7848P1Z0 PUNJAB PUNJAB
238 Balarka Global Mart Private Limited 2017-10-24 U74999RJ2017PTC058714 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
239 Dewsoft Overseas Pvt Ltd 2017-10-24 U72900DL2000PTC108691 Delhi New Delhi
240 Artlife Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-30 U92412DL2008PTC181018 DELHI DELHI
241 Pitrashish Marketing Enterprises Private Limited 2017-10-31 U51909WB2008PTC127421 WEST BENGAL WEST BENGAL
242 Kalpamrit Markeing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-31 U93000UR2017PTC008154 UTTRAKHAND UTTRAKHAND
243 Ezeewell Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-31 U74999MH2017PTC298764 Maharashtra Maharashtra
244 Benmoon Pharma Research Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-01 U73100GJ2006PTC47878 Gujarat Gujarat
245 Otlar Life Private Limited 2017-11-03 U51909PB2017PTC046162 Punjab Punjab
246 Kushgram Khadi Gramodyog LLP 2017-11-07 AAH-2312 Bihar Bihar
247 Neocent Retails Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-20 U74999HR2017PTC070033 HARYANA HARYANA
248 Nirlife Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-23 U74999MH2017PTC295680 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
249 Arjana Products Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-28 U74999TN2016PTC111918 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
250 Cluster Organic Cottonz India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-28 U17111TZ2014PTC020488 TAMIL NADU TAMIL NADU
251 Vagmine Infratrade Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-28 U51100RJ2016PTC055870 Rajasthan Rajasthan
252 Kalyan Lifecare LLP 2017-12-05 AAE-2687 Delhi Haryana
253 Welocity Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-05 U74999MH2016PTC286852 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
254 The Leaders Time Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-05 U51220HR2014PTC053307 HARYANA HARYANA
255 Ownlead Digital Innovation International Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-06 U93000AP2017PTC106036 Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
256 Aura Vss Lifescience Private Limited 2017-12-11 U52609GJ2017PTC098312 GUJARAT GUJARAT
257 VGE Mart Private Limited 2017-12-11 U74999UP2017PTCO97459 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
258 Self Power Direct Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-18 U52100CT2014PTC001407 CHHATTISGARH CHHATTISGARH
259 DRS Lifecare Industries 2017-12-18 U51909DL2017PTC316251 DELHI DELHI
260 Hunch Shoppetrade Sales Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-18 U51909RJ2017PTC059352 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
261 Suryodayalite Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-18 U51909RJ2017PTC059232 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
262 Panchjyoti Mart PrivateLimited 2017-12-18 U51909WB2017PTC222941 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
263 Nexgen Inventive Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. 2017-12-26 U72900PN2013PTC149783 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
264 Ok Life Care Private Limited 2017-12-28 U74999HR2016PTC066261 HARYANA HARYANA
265 Mohan Mishra Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-12-28 C52100CT2011PTC000081 CHHATTISGARH CHHATTISGARH
266 Tesnee Products Limited 2018-01-08 U51909KA2017PLC103202 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
267 Howin Infotech Private Limited 2018-01-10 U51909KA2017PTC105236 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
268 Anjaneya Communications Private Limited 2018-01-10 U74999UP2017PTC090662 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
269 Ayubox Health Science And Technology LLP 2018-01-11 AAI-4463 PUNJAB PUNJAB
270 Naturekare Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. 2018-01-19 U51909GJ2016PTC093563 GUJARAT GUJARAT
271 Phytocell Life Marketing Private Limited 2018-01-22 U83510UP2016PTC084784 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
272 Basavjyoti Retail India Pvt. Ltd. 2018-01-22 U74999KA2017PTC106711 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
273 VisionRoots Services Pvt.Ltd. 2018-01-22 U52609DL2017PTC315179 DELHI DELHI
274 GPRS Healthcare Private Limited 2018-01-24 U51909PB2017PTC047252 PUNJAB PUNJAB
275 Freedom Success Mission 2018-01-24 Registration No.17/01/142/2017 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
276 Gikmart Pvt. Ltd. 2018-02-05 U51909GJ2017PTC099369 GUJARAT GUJARAT
277 Unfoldu Global Marketing Private Limited 2018-02-05 U74999PB2017PTC046869 PUNJAB PUNJAB
278 PraNutra Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 2018-02-06 U74999KA2017PTC104350 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
279 Vowel India Marketing Limited 2018-02-08 U52190UP2017PLC093076 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
280 Optymystix Enterprises (India) Limited 2018-02-21 U74140DL1995PLC065348 DELHI DELHI
281 Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2018-02-21 U51909PB2011PTC035491 PUNJAB CHANDIGARH A case has been registered at Sohana, SAS Nagar, Mohali Police Station against this Direct Selling Entity under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code.
282 Mega Disc Pvt. Ltd. 2018-02-27 U74999DL2017PTC326444 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.
283 MRB Vision Pvt. Ltd. 2018-02-28 U74999HR2017PTC071712 HARYANA HARYANA
284 Adhyatm Niramaya Pvt. Ltd. 2018-02-28 U74999RJ2017PTC059557 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
285 Seven Elife Energies Systems Pvt. Ltd. 2018-03-06 U01110MP2017PTC044638 MADHYA PRADESH MADHYA PRADESH
286 Alvism Marketing Private Limited 2018-03-20 U74999DL2017PTC325683 HIMANCHAL PRADESH HIMANCHAL PRADESH
287 Super Shine Healthy Life Pvt. Ltd. 2018-03-22 U52609RJ2018PTC060262 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
288 Saranew Eco-Friendly Products Private Limited 2018-04-06 U74999DL2017PTC327701 DELHI DELHI
289 M/s. LVI Herbal Pvt. Ltd. 2018-04-06 U51909RJ2018PTC060343 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
290 N.L.Imperial Food & Beverages Pvt.Ltd. 2018-04-17 U151522HR2013PTC051399 DELHI DELHI
291 CJ Store Worldwide Private Limited 2018-04-19 U51103DL2016PTC299585 DELHI DELHI
292 Unilink Marketing LLP 2018-04-19 AAL-3084 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
293 Miracolo Drinks Private Limited 2018-04-23 U52609KA2016PTC093002 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
294 USN India Shoppee Private Limited 2018-04-25 U51909HP2017PTC006725 HIMANCHAL PRADESH HIMANCHAL PRADESH
295 KKrowten India Enterprises Private Limited 2018-04-26 U51909TN2017PTC118528 TAMIL NADU TAMIL NADU
296 MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited 2018-05-04 U74999TN2013PTC090049 TAMIL NADU TAMIL NADU
297 Delidiamond Marketing Private Limited 2018-05-10 U51909RJ2018PTC060976 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
298 Asylum Ayurveda Private Limited 2018-05-10 U74200MH2011PTC222415 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
299 Glowway Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2018-05-10 U52609MP2017PTC043682 MADHYA PRADESH MADHYA PRADESH
300 M/s. Suryayu Wellness Private Limited 2018-05-15 U74999KA2018PTC111575 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
301 Riston Sales Private Limited 2018-05-21 U74999WB2018PTC225745 WEST BENGAL WEST BENGAL
302 M/s. Inhomedelivery Marketing Private Limited 2018-05-21 U74999AS2017PTC018240 ASSAM ASSAM
303 M/s. Runlife Retail Private Limited 2018-05-21 U74999WB2017PTC221320 WEST BENGAL WEST BENGAL
304 Qbuilder Sales Private Limited 2018-05-21 U74999WB2017PTC224034 WEST BENGAL WEST BENGAL
305 M/s. Satatva Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2018-05-24 U74999GJ2018PTC101372 GUJARAT GUJARAT
306 Anant Wellness Care Company 2018-05-28 290/2018 JHARKHAND MAHARASHTRA
307 Wayonn Marketing LLP 2018-05-29 LLP Identification No.AAM-1221 KERALA KERALA
309 AAD Healthius Life Sciences Private Limited 2018-06-01 U85310OR2017PTC027295 ODISHA ODISHA
310 Maplife Multitrade Private Limited 2018-06-11 U74120UP2013PTC059036 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
311 Ayurpower Products Private Limited 2018-06-12 U74999TG2018PTC123743 ANDHARA PRADESH ANDHARA PRADESH
312 Ignitaid Btk Private Limited 2018-06-14 U74999PN2018PTC175208 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
313 Girmes Wheatgrass 2018-06-21 MPA-89853 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
314 WS Direct Selling Pvt. Ltd. 2018-06-22 U51909PB2017PTC046023 PUNJAB PUNJAB
315 Sanben Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2018-06-22 U74999RJ2018PTC061116 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
316 Radiant India Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. 2018-06-25 U51909BR2012PTC019659 BIHAR BIHAR
318 Stepwey Dream Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 2018-07-12 U74999RJ2018PTC061248 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
319 Luxreal International Pvt. Ltd. 2018-07-17 U15549KA2018PTC112433 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA
320 OLS Whizz Pvt. Ltd. 2018-07-19 U74900PB2015PTC039870 PUNJAB PUNJAB
321 RLD Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2018-07-26 U52190UP2018PTC099896 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH
322 Avencia Life Sciences Private Limited 2018-07-30 U24232RJ2013PTC043945 RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN
323 Saachi India Marketing Private Limited 2018-07-30 U74999DL2018PTC332038 DELHI DELHI
324 Akman Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 2018-08-02 U74999GJ2018PTC101362 GUJARAT GUJARAT
325 Ayurvedic Reform India Pvt. Ltd. 2018-08-08 U74999MP2017PTC043345 MADHYA PRADESH MADHYA PRADESH
326 Bstar Megacorp Pvt.Ltd. 2018-08-21 U74999PN2018PTC175925 MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA
327 Herbalage Wellness India Pvt. Ltd. 2018-09-19 U24233UP2006PTC031918 UTTAR PRADESH UTTAR PRADESH