1 Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. 2016-10-04 U41000TN2015PTC100366 TamilNadu Karnataka

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

2 Smartway India Enterprises LLP 2016-11-07 AAC-7557 New Delhi New Delhi
3 Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited 2016-11-23 U74900TN2013PTC092509 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
4 SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE MARKETING PVT. LTD. 2016-11-25 U52390DL2001PTC109313 New Delhi New Delhi
5 Gananapati sales (opc) pvt. Ltd. 2016-11-27 U51101CT2015OPC001737 Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh
6 ARL Retail Private Limited 2016-11-28 U52390DL2011PTC227648 New Delhi New Delhi
7 Rich vision Inida E-commerce Multiservices Pvt. Ltd. 2016-11-28 U74120PN2015PTC154975 Maharashtra Maharashtra
8 Oriens Global Marketing Private Limited 2016-11-29 U51909TN2010PTC074263 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
9 International Marketing Corporation Private Limited 2016-11-30 U15490PB2013PTC038243 Punjab Punjab
10 Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt Ltd 2016-11-30 U51100DD2012PTC004708 DAMAN AND DIU DAMAN AND DIU
11 Gyankul Network Private Limited 2016-11-30 U93000HR2013PTC049726 Haryana Haryana
12 Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-01 U72900PN2000PTC142615 DAMAN & DIU DAMAN & DIU
13 Sarso Biznet International Private Limited 2016-12-02 U51909PB2011PTC034983 Punjab Punjab
14 Fashion Suitings Pvt Ltd 2016-12-02 U18108RJ1988PTC004383 Rajasthan Rajasthan
15 I MWAY Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-02 U74999MH2015PTC267793 Maharashtra Maharashtra
16 Tranzindia corporate network pvt. ltd 2016-12-05 U74900TZ2011PTC017358 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
17 Cmax Global Marketing Pvt. Ltd 2016-12-05 U74140DL2015PTC286415 Delhi Delhi
18 Click N Pick Websale Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-05 U52190RJ2012PTC041124 Rajasthan Delhi
19 NVN Empire Educare Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U72900GJ2015PTC085547 Gujarat Gujarat
20 Unicity Health Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U85110KA2010PTC085191 Karnataka Karnataka
21 AAROGYAM HERBS PVT LTD. 2016-12-07 U474999DL2016PTC30357 New Delhi New Delhi
23 Sunrider India Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U5109HR2004PTC035289 Haryana Haryana
24 Wellscience Health Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U85190DL2009PTC187283 New Delhi Haryana
25 Kanwhizz Industries Limited 2016-12-07 U74120UP2016PLC077007 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
26 PAMOSA TRADE INDIA PVT. LTD 2016-12-07 U51909PN2012PTC145714 Maharashtra Maharashtra
27 Blulife Marketing Private Limited 2016-12-07 U52100KA2016PTC085595 Karnataka Karnataka
28 Amulya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U85100CH2014PTC035046 Chandigarh Haryana
29 SHASTA ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-12-07 U52190RJ2014PTC044960 Rajasthan Rajasthan
30 Indosys Life Science Private Limited 2016-12-07 U24233KA2011PTC057538 Karnataka Karnataka
31 Add-Shop Promotions Private Limited 2016-12-07 U51109GJ2013PTC076482 Gujarat Gujarat
32 Daily Need Marketing And Retail Private Limited 2016-12-07 U52590HR2015PTC056073 Haryana Haryana
33 Balaji Tradevision Pvt Ltd 2016-12-07 U52190RJ2011PTC036648 Rajasthan Rajasthan
34 ASCLEPIUS WELLNESS PVT LTD 2016-12-07 U51909DL2014PTC272296 New Delhi New Delhi
35 Pro Young International Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U52100TG2007PTC054540 Andhra Pradesh Telangana
36 Noni Biotech Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-07 U72900TN2001PTC047205 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
37 DSR Electronics And Financial Services Private Limited 2016-12-07 U51900MH2006PTC161224 Maharashtra Maharashtra
38 Yuvanrich Sales and Services Private Limited 2016-12-07 U74999MH2016PTC282156 Maharashtra Maharashtra
39 RLC Multitrade Private Limited 2016-12-08 U51909DL2015PTC288265 Delhi Delhi
40 Sami Direct Marketing Private Ltd. 2016-12-08 U52399KA2010PTC054072 Karnataka Karnataka
41 G19 Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-08 U74999DL2016PTC290770 Delhi Haryana
42 Life is Good 2016-12-08 na Punjab Punjab
43 Masterminds worldtrade business solution limited 2016-12-08 U51909DL2016PLC289194 Delhi New Delhi
44 Sanelaa greens private limited 2016-12-08 U52100MH2016PTC271737 Maharashtra Maharashtra
45 Biosash Business Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-08 U74140HR2015PTC057274 Haryana Haryana
46 INDUS HEALTH PLUS PVT LTD 2016-12-08 U85200MH1995PTC091382 Maharashtra Maharashtra
47 Hi-Scan Marketing And Consultancy Private Limited 2016-12-08 U51909GJ2014PTC078311 Gujarat Gujarat
48 M/s Vestige Marketing Pvt ltd 2016-12-09 U51909DL2004PTC126738 New Delhi New Delhi
49 DXN Marketing India Private Limited 2016-12-09 U15490TN2014PTC095516 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
50 Wellness Family Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-09 U52399KA2014PTC074716 Karnataka Karnataka
51 K-Link Healthcare (India) Private Limited 2016-12-09 U85199TN2001PTC048131 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
52 JMVD MultiTrade Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U74120UP2012PTC050064 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
53 Moringo Organics Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U51109KA2012PTC063338 Karnataka Karnataka
54 GK Lifecare Solutions Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U74999UR2016PTC007213 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
55 Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd 2016-12-09 L74950DD2005PLC003775 DAMAN & DIU DAMAN & DIU
56 Axil Core Business Pvt Ltd 2016-12-09 U74900MH2012PTC226956 Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh
57 LAIET ALLIANCE PVT. LTD. 2016-12-09 U93000PB2015PTC039739 Punjab Punjab
58 IIN Eduworld Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-09 U80301GJ2015PTC084249 Gujarat Gujarat
59 modicare Ltd 2016-12-13 U72200DL1973PLC110617 New Delhi New Delhi
60 Winnature International Pvt Ltd 2016-12-13 U74999MH2015PTC267412 Maharashtra Maharashtra
61 Smart Value Products And Services Limited 2016-12-13 U50300DL2006PLC191355 Delhi Delhi
62 Amway India Enterprises Private Limited 2016-12-14 U74120DL1995PTC071405 New Delhi Haryana

(i) A case against M/s Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is under investigation by Directorate of Enforcement under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundring Act(PMLA),2002.
(ii) Several criminal cases against M/s Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and its functionaries are pending/ under investigation in the States of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana and Kerala.
These are only those cases which have been brought to the notice of Department of Consumer Affairs.

63 NORTON SALES PVT LTD 2016-12-14 U74899DL1983PTC015659 New Delhi New Delhi

The details of cases / litigations arising out of the violation of new/ current regulatory guidelines as well as cases/ litigations prior to issuance of the guidelines against the DSEs are called for from the DSEs concerned.

64 DCorp India Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U51900GJ2016PTC086132 Gujarat Gujarat
65 KRISHNA AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD 2016-12-14 U01403MH2014PTC258115 Maharashtra Maharashtra
66 ITSPOSSIBLE NUTRACEUTICALS LIMITED 2016-12-14 U2429DL2012PLC2333327 New Delhi New Delhi
67 Prime Direct Solutions India Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U70100MH2014PTC257704 Maharashtra Maharashtra
68 Toptime Network Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U74999DL2016PTC300844 New Delhi New Delhi
69 Lit Holidays Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U55101DL2015PTC285728 New Delhi New Delhi
70 Uninature Life Science Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U51900GJ2016PTC093074 Gujarat Gujarat
71 Oxi9 Essentials Pvt. Ltd 2016-12-14 U52599GJ2011PTC066079 Gujarat Gujarat
72 Herbal Fitness Private Limited 2016-12-14 U24133CH2013PTC034687 Chandigarh Haryana
73 Kissan Crop Care & Multiservices Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U01403MH2015PTC266180 Maharashtra Maharashtra
74 Richlife International Private Limited 2016-12-14 U52100CT2016PTC002203 Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh
75 Dauphin Travel Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-14 U74120DL2003PTC121875 New Delhi New Delhi
76 Kapsun Industries 2016-12-14 Reg.GSTIN24AACFK1110F1Z7 Gujarat Gujarat
77 Teamex Retail Limited 2016-12-14 U52100GJ2013PLC073875 Gujarat Gujarat
78 Aura E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U74900DL2011PTC216520 Delhi New Delhi
79 Dream Touch Trade India Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U51100PN2015PTC154470 Maharashtra Maharashtra
80 Aimlife Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-14 U74900WB2012PTC188317 West Bengal West Bengal
81 KEVA INDUSTRIES 2016-12-15 03562062547 Punjab Punjab
82 Avon Beauty Products india Pvt Ltd 2016-12-15 U24246HR1995PTC035642 Haryana Haryana
83 MDML Direct Marketing LLP 2016-12-15 AAC-3075 Gujarat Gujarat
84 Grahak Power India Private Limited 2016-12-15 U74900AP2014PTC095844 Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
85 Smile India Bridge Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-16 U51101TG2015OPC100309 Telangana Telangana
86 HHI Marketing Private Limited 2016-12-20 U51909PB2016PTC040009 Punjab Punjab
87 Vibrant India Realtrade Private Limited 2016-12-20 U70100GJ2014PTC080283 Gujarat Gujarat
88 Prove Life Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-20 U52190RJ2015PTC047999 Rajashtan Rajashtan
89 Aradhya Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2016-12-22 U74999UR2013PTC000577 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
90 Falcon Marketing Pvt Ltd 2016-12-27 U74999PB2009PTC032904 Punjab Punjab
91 WIC SALES POINT PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-12-27 U51909RJ2016PTC056265 Rajasthan Rajasthan
92 WORLD YATRA TOURISM PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-12-27 U63040HR2013PTC049884 Haryana Haryana
93 Care India Direct Selling LLP 2016-12-27 AAB-5657 Rajasthan Rajasthan
94 pugos products private limited 2017-01-04 U52590KA2016PTC086565 Karnataka Karnataka
95 AJS Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-01-05 U52100OR2014PTC018274 Odisha Odisha
96 Direct Bazaar Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-10 U93000GJ2015PTC085367 Gujarat Gujarat
97 Flabia Fresh Pvt.Ltd. 2017-01-11 U74999WB2011PTC171247 West Bengal West Bengal
98 Being Healthy Pvt Ltd 2017-01-13 U85100HR2015PTC055259 Haryana Haryana
99 Altos Enterprises Ltd 2017-01-16 U52190PB2002PLC25539 Punjab Punjab
100 Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited 2017-01-16 U51909DL2002PTC115140 New Delhi New Delhi
101 Disha Total Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd 2017-01-16 U52100MH2014PTC257310 Maharashtra Maharashtra
102 DNR Shopping Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-16 U52609PN2016PTC165288 Maharashtra Maharashtra
103 Easy Care Consumer Solution Private Limited 2017-01-16 U52590MO2014PTC033129 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
104 KTS Prime Merchandise Private Limited 2017-01-17 U740999RJ2016PTC056017 Rajasthan Rajasthan
105 Zillonlife Global Private Limited 2017-01-17 U74999DL2016PTC305591 New Delhi New Delhi
106 Tupperware India Private Limited 2017-01-18 U25209DL1996PTC078605 New Delhi Haryana
107 Safedeal Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-19 U52320DL2016PTC302364 Delhi New Delhi
108 NTEL Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-20 U74130MH2009PTC191870 Maharashtra Maharashtra
109 Golden India Healthy Life Private Limited 2017-01-23 U74999HP2016PTC006223 Himanchal Himanchal
110 Yashowin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U18109PN2015PTC155344 Maharashtra Maharashtra
111 ForLife Trading India Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U51109MH2008PTC207785 Maharashtra Maharashtra
112 Jasan Travel Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U74999PB2016PTC045594 Punjab Punjab
113 Grow Together Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U52300HR2015PTC057302 Haryana Haryana
114 Ennergix Lifestyle Pvt ltd 2017-01-23 U72900DL2014PTC262930 New Delhi New Delhi
115 Hindustan Trade Smith Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U51900HR2014PTC051605 Haryana Haryana
116 Aizen Lifestyle Private Limited 2017-01-23 U85190KA2011PTC058130 Karnataka Karnataka
117 Vivaayush Enterprises India Private Limited 2017-01-23 U74999PN2014PTC150971 Maharashtra Maharashtra
118 Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U51909PN2008PTC133043 Maharashtra Maharashtra
119 Vividways Venditare india Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U52100UR2014PTC001352 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
120 Maxen Hawk Marketing LLP 2017-01-23 AAD-8515 Haryana Haryana
121 Smart Health PRo-care Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U85100PN2016PTC164546 Maharashtra Maharashtra
122 Real Life Herbal Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U52100HR2013PTC051208 Haryana Haryana
123 Influx Multitrade Limited 2017-01-23 U74140PN2004PLC018862 Maharashtra Maharashtra
124 OJAS Exim Private Limited 2017-01-23 U52311GJ2011PTC064437 Gujarat Gujarat
125 eBIZ.COM PVT LTD 2017-01-23 U72200DL2001PTC111183 Delhi Uttar Pradesh
126 Subhotam Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-01-23 U74999UR2016PTC007100 Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
127 Dream Freedom Herbal Private Limited 2017-01-23 U52599PB2016PTC040017 Punjab Punjab
128 Forever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-23 U51101MH2011PTC212700 Maharashtra Maharashtra
129 GEE PEE BIO FERT 2017-01-23 Regstd./Sl.No.736/2013-14 Punjab Punjab
130 Herbalife International India Private Limited 2017-01-24 U51909KA1998PTC026098 Karnataka Karnataka
131 Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U51909DL2004PTC125198 New Delhi New Delhi
132 M/s Daehsan Trading India Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51109TN1999PTC043513 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
133 Oriflame India private Limited 2017-01-24 U74899DL1994PTC061083 New Delhi New Delhi
134 TGR Enterprises Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51109GJ2012PTC070665 Gujarat Gujarat
135 Natura Bioscience Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51909KL2011PTC028178 Kerala Kerala
136 RlIONN INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 2017-01-24 U74999TZ20 16PTC028008 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
137 M.P. Dailyneed Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999PN2014PTC150198 Maharashtra Maharashtra
138 DivineStars Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999PN2016PTC165158 Maharashtra Maharashtra
139 Gyan Holidays Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74900DL2015PTC288551 New Delhi New Delhi
140 Deepak Energy Conservatives Private Limited 2017-01-24 U29302MH2010PTC198454 Maharashtra Maharashtra
141 SGM Multi Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U01400PN2015PTC157423 Maharashtra Maharashtra
142 Growth India Industries Ltd 2017-01-24 U70200HR2012PLC066107 Haryana Haryana
143 Galaxy Unity Marketing Solutions Private Limited 2017-01-24 U51909MH2017PTC289178 Maharashtra Maharashtra
144 Samrthak Trade Link Private Limited 2017-01-24 U51900GJ2015PTC082321 Gujarat Gujarat
145 Maa Vedica Marketing Service Private Limited 2017-01-24 U52609MP2016PTC041466 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
146 PM-International India Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51909DL2015FTC279574 Delhi Delhi
147 Sharva Life Solutions Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U24232RJ2014PTC046506 Rajasthan Rajasthan
148 Indivar Beauty Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74999DL2009PTC192620 New Delhi Haryana
149 My Visionplus Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U74999MH2016PTC286580 Maharashtra Maharashtra
150 Green Planet Bio Products 2017-01-24 U24110PB20006PTC030476 Punjab Punjab
151 Tasar Care 2017-01-24 PARTNERSHIPDEED Punjab Punjab
152 Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U52399DL2016PTC307914 New Delhi New Delhi
153 Arya Smart Marketing Private Limited 2017-01-24 U52100JH2013PTC001688 Jharkhand Jharkhand
154 DNAR Multinational Pvt Ltd 2017-01-24 U51909DL2013PTC257314 New Delhi NCT of Delhi
155 Healing Touch Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74900JK2012PTC003667 Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir
156 Fly Wings Marketing International (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U93090MH2015OPC266416 Maharashtra Maharashtra
157 Webillion Infocom Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U74140DL2013PTC258582 New Delhi New Delhi
158 Genex Herba Private Limited 2017-01-24 U74999UP2016PTC085576 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
159 Zeal Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-24 U24231PN2013PTC146024 Maharashtra Maharashtra
160 My Divine Visionary Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-01-25 U74999PN2016PTC165577 Maharashtra Maharashtra
161 Hope International Pvt Ltd 2017-01-27 U80904GJ2012PTC071876 Gujarat Gujarat
162 Deccan Healthcare Private Limited 2017-02-01 U72200TG1996LC024351 Telangana Telangana
163 Ultrawin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U15139RJ2013PTC043060 Rajasthan Rajasthan
164 Achievers Retailmart Private Limited 2017-02-01 U52100UP2015PTC072820 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
165 Herbal Ways Diets Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U51229PB2002PTC25627 Punjab Punjab
166 Savefuel Tech Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-01 U74120MH2013PTC250288 Maharashtra Maharashtra
167 Maxgrow Biotech Pvt Ltd 2017-02-02 U51497PB2003PTC026600 Punjab Punjab
168 Proglen Global Ventures Private Limited 2017-02-02 U74999RJ2016PTC056645 Rajashtan Rajashtan
169 Oyster Ptoducer Company Limited 2017-02-02 U01100DL2016PTC307467 Delhi Delhi
170 Penuel Nexus Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-09 U74999KL2016PTC040317 Kerala Kerala
171 NJ Mart Private Limited 2017-02-14 U74997MH2016PTC280612 Maharashtra Maharashtra
172 Zestik Business Pvt Ltd 2017-02-14 U52399PB2014PTC038608 Punjab Punjab
173 Ceyone Nutri India Pvt. Ltd. 2017-02-20 U74900WB2013PTC190654 West Bengal West Bengal
174 Mudra Power Infotec Private Limited 2017-03-01 U74999MH2016PTC283046 Maharashtra Maharashtra
175 Fortune Smart Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 2017-03-02 U51100MH2002PTC135138 Maharashtra Maharashtra
176 Seven Dreams Multitrade Pvt Ltd 2017-03-06 U51909PN2016PTC167625 Maharashtra Maharashtra
177 One World Marketing Pvt Ltd 2017-03-07 U52399DL2016PTC301656 Delhi Delhi
178 AMC Cookware (India) Private Limited 2017-03-14 U29309KA2000PTC031050 Karnataka Karnataka
179 MNH Healthcare India (OPC) PVt. Ltd. 2017-03-27 U85310DL2016OPC309870 Delhi New Delhi
180 Champions Multi Product Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2017-03-28 U52100UP2015PTC073698 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
181 Radiate Trademart Pvt Ltd 2017-04-06 U51909RJ2017PTC057565 Rajasthan Rajasthan
182 Zeppar World Accessories Pvt Ltd 2017-04-06 U19200DL2016PTC298447 Delhi Delhi
183 Verbena Life Cure Marketing PVt. Ltd. 2017-05-09 U52609MP2017PTC043067 Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
184 Jolly Life Care Pvt. Ltd. 2017-05-12 U52609PB2016PTC045908 Punjab Punjab
185 INDCONNECT MARKETING PVT. LTD. 2017-05-22 U74999PN2017PTC169376 Maharashtra Maharashtra
186 IWENS Private Limited 2017-05-22 U31906HR2017PTCo68141 Haryana Haryana
187 KEY2SUCCESS Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-05-23 U74999CT2017PTC007749 Chhattisgarh Chattisgarh
188 Budhacharya PSB Network Pvt Ltd 2017-06-02 U74999MH2017PTC292089 Maharashtra Maharashtra
189 Nexgen Umeed India Private Limited 2017-06-02 U74999PB2017PTC046172 Punjab Punjab
190 SunEdge Marketing Private Ltd. 2017-07-17 U52100PN2016PTC158168 Maharashtra Maharashtra
191 Rhinos Health And Safety Private Limited 2017-07-17 U74999PN2016PTC167276 Maharashtra Maharashtra
192 SFG Marketing & Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2017-07-18 U52599MP2012PTC029487 Maharashtra Maharashtra
193 Jeuness Global India Private Limited 2017-07-24 U74999DL2016FTC303965 Delhi Delhi
194 Magnessa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 2017-08-10 U74999TN2014PTC095457 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
195 Ayurveda Aadhar India Limited 2017-08-22 U74999DL2017PLC318079 Delhi Delhi
196 Varsana Lifecare Private Limited 2017-08-23 U85200PB2017PTC046540 Punjab Punjab
197 Biowell Universe Pvt. Ltd. 2017-09-01 U36999UP2017PTC091510 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
198 Phygicart E-Commerce Private Limited 2017-09-11 U52609KL2017PTCO49681 Kerala Kerala
199 Frentic Retail & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-06 U74999MH2017PTC297430 Maharashtra Maharashtra
200 RLI Marketing Private Limited 2017-10-10 U36999UP2017PTC092720 Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
201 Forever Herbal Products 2017-10-11 U85100PB2013PTC037326 Punjab Punjab
202 Conybio Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-17 U33112TN1998PTC041656 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
203 Dewsoft Overseas Pvt Ltd 2017-10-24 U72900DL2000PTC108691 Delhi New Delhi
204 Ezeewell Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. 2017-10-31 U74999MH2017PTC298764 Maharashtra Maharashtra
205 Benmoon Pharma Research Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-01 U73100GJ2006PTC47878 Gujarat Gujarat
206 Otlar Life Private Limited 2017-11-03 U51909PB2017PTC046162 Punjab Punjab
207 Kushgram Khadi Gramodyog LLP 2017-11-07 AAH-2312 Bihar Bihar
208 Arjana Products Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-28 U74999TN2016PTC111918 Tamilnadu Tamilnadu
209 Vagmine Infratrade Pvt. Ltd. 2017-11-28 U51100RJ2016PTC055870 Rajasthan Rajasthan
210 Kalyan Lifecare LLP 2017-12-05 AAE-2687 Delhi Haryana