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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which are in gaseous state .LPG, is highly inflammable. LPG is odourless, colour less and is heavier than air.
LPG is one of the safest, economical, eco friendly healthy cooking fuels for all. LPG is being used as a cooking fuel's in India.
You can get an domestic connection in your household from any of the distributors of PSU oil companies of your area like Indane, Bharat Gas etc. For a domestic connection, you can visit nearest distributor of the company serving in your area and register for the connection with a valid proof of identity and residence.
LPG is available for domestic use generally in 14.2 Kg capacity cylinders and is also available in 5 Kg capacity cylinders in select few cities primarily in hilly / rural areas in the country.
One of the following documents can be produced for proof of residence: - 1. Ration Card 2. Electricity Bill 3. Telephone Bill 4. Passport 5. Employer's Certificate 6. Flat allotment / possession letter 7. House registration papers 8. LIC policy 9. Voter?s Identity Card 10. Rent Receipt 11. PAN card issued by the Income Tax department 12. Driving License 13. Aadhaar Letter - Click to Download Sample Copy
It is not compulsory to buy hot plate from the Distributors. A customer can buy BIS approved Stove from any source of his choice. For availing of a LPG connection, a customer should be in possession of an ISI mark hotplate and rubber tube.
You may undertake simple checks at the time of your refill receipt Check the seal of the cylinder Check the safety cap. It should not have any cracks Remove safety Cap and check for leakage from the valve. Usually in case of any leakage from the Cylinder valve, the safety cap will pop off at the time of removal. This can be further reaffirmed by placing your thumb on the cylinder valve Get the new cylinder connected with the hotplate and make sure that no leakage is observed. Pay the cash and acknowledge the 2nd copy of the cash memo / refill voucher
The following steps may be followed as a part of regular maintenance, ? Clean the hotplate after each cooking, ? Clean the Suraksha LPG Hose with wet cloth periodically, ? Keep the pressure regulator knob closed when not cooking, ? Clean up the choked holes of the burner, when it is cooled off,
For any assistance pertaining to supply of your LPG contact your distributor. However if you desire you may contact the Customer Service Cell of the company.
It is mandatory for the delivery man to carry a spring balance with him. It is your right to get the cylinder weighed before delivery.
In case you are shifting your residence, you may follow either of the following options :- Within the same distributor's area of operation -- Advise your distributor your new address with supporting proof of residence so that he effects the change in his records and your future supplies shall then be sent to your new place of residence. Within the same town -- In case your present distributor does not service your new place of residence, you may approach your local distributor with your original Subscription Voucher (SV). The distributor shall prepare a transfer termination voucher (TTV) for the place of your new residence. You can then approach the nearest Distributor serving your new place of residence along with proof of residence, TTV and DGCC booklet (Domestic gas consumer card) The distributor shall prepare a Transfer Subscription voucher (TSV) against your TTV and shall provide you a new consumer number. While getting transferred out of town -- In case you are transferred outside the town, you are required to surrender your cylinder and pressure regulator to your distributor. In such a case, you may approach your distributor with your Subscription Voucher (SV) or Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV) as the case may be & Domestic Gas Consumer Card (DGCC) along-with your Cylinder/s and Pressure Regulator. The distributor in turn will prepare a Termination Voucher (TV) in your name for your new place and refund the deposit held against the Cylinder/s and Regulator. You will also be guided to the nearest distributor for future service. At the new place you can approach the nearest distributor for resuming your supplies.
Suraksha LPG hose is patented and manufactured by LERC (LPG Equipment Research Centre, Bengaluru ) approved and BIS approved manufacturers as per IS - 9573: 1998 Type-4. It is manufactured under stringent quality control checks on raw materials and during its processing stage and on finished products.
The right mix of LPG and air is required to give you the best blue coloured flame at your burner port. In case of any imbalance of Air-LPG mixture such things can happen. Please get the pressure regulator checked. For more information please visit