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NCH Success Stories

Docket Number Consumer Feedback
#2569440 Refund received.
#2570103 Excellent.
#2563545 Excellent! Thank you team, i am really thankful to all team for the stand behind the common man and result got
#2553929 The AC which was defective was replaced by the company. It is working to the satisfaction. Hence I request the grievance to be closed. Thank you for the support.
#2620839 I have received the refund from the seller/website. Thanks for your help. Thanks a lot.
#2513240 Very Good! Thank you so much consumer helpline.....but if you provide more fast service than it will be excellent.
#2592601 Excellent! Thanks a lot for the quick resolution and this is really helpful for the common man.
#2452974 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the claim had been settled and the amount of ₹100000.00 had been received from the company.
#2536941 Thanks, I got my money back.
#2567150 Excellent! I am quite happy in the way and speed in which the consumer helpline helped in resolving the issue.
#2576156 When NCH spoke to the consumer he confirmed that he had got a refund of ₹20500/- with compensation.
#2426690 Excellent, Really appreciate the help of portal for resolving my house durable issue... Thank you so much
#2478818 Excellent, You are superb. Thanks you so much. The company was not responding me but after your intervention I got my money back. Thank you so much again.
#2429748 Excellent, I have received my refund. Thanks.
#2526505 Excellent. Lots of thanks again for intervening and solving this matter. Very much thankful to you sir. I am really happy that every issue is being taken care of. Thanks again from core of my heart.
#2415081 Excellent! Thanks a lot to consumer helpline. Because of you, replacement is done
#2506440 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he said that when he presented the cheque to his bank for encashing, he got the sms from the bank that the cheque was not processed as a wrong year (2020 instead of 2021) had been mentioned on the cheque. Thereafter NCH again took up the matter with the company and then the company responded that” Amount has been refunded to Consumer”.
#2493802 Excellent! Good service and now I am feeling relaxed
#2525206 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had got the refund of ₹9499 in his account. He was very happy and satisfied with the efforts made by NCH.
#2417464 When NCH called the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the refund amount of ₹2689/-. He was happy and satisfied.
#2419267 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had got the refund of the amount paid of ₹36990 in his account. He was very happy with the efforts made by NCH.
#2463090 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that after lodging the grievance on portal he received ₹ 4100/- refund from the company, hence issue resolved.
#2360347 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the issue had been resolved, and he had got the refund.
#2419421 Excellent! Very much delighted and obliged with the help of National Consumer Helpline. Thanks for all your support to get this done
#2455831 Excellent! The bank refunded my amount. Very good follow up by NCH. Appreciate it very much.
#2155826 I got the refund of my money. Thanks to NCH. I request NCH to take severe action against the company, since I'm not the only person who got cheated, there are lot more people affected. It's a big harassment by the company to the consumers. Without NCH I would have never got my money back, so I thank you once again.
#2133020 Excellent. Wonderful platform for redressal.
#2219099 Pending amount is credited and complaint has been resolved. Thanks a lot for your support.
#2198031 Issue resolved. Thanks.
#2167553 I have received the refund, thank you.
#2148831 Received soft copy of my policy.
#2086799 After registering the complaint in consumer helpline, within 6 hours my problem is resolved. I convey my thanks for resolving this issue and also, I request you to please close this registered complaint. Thank you very much.
#2091345 Thanks consumer affairs for responding and resolving this issue.
#2043286 Got the refund back from the company. Thank you for the
#2075121 Problem Solved
#2041469 NCH out called the consumer and he confirmed that his issue has been resolved as the company has replaced the product.
#2047569 Jeweler refunded the excess amount that he charged unfairly. I want to close the case/complaint.
#2009850 Company has done refund. I have received refund
#2026025 Very happy with the prompt service. Very useful and effective. Awesome!!!!
#2040841 Very Good! My problem was completely neglected by the company......a great thanks to NCH. Further I request NCH that, this type of negligence by companies should be dealt with strictly.... companies should be awarded financial penalty, if problem is being solved through NCH.
#1999752 The Airlines has refunded my amount and soon the travel agency will transfer it to my account.
#2001691 Received satisfactory resolution. Thank you, consumer helpline. Without your intervention, this wouldn’t have been possible.
#2041068 Thanks a lot, to working team INGRAM.
#1991420 Excellent. Thanks for help in this situation. Excellent job.
#1995969 Excellent.!
#1995852 Satisfied with Consumer helpline.
#2009599 Very Good! Good Service.
#2010339 I am happy that this site made by govt. The company refunded my money.
#2001926 Problem resolved by company. Policy is renewed by same company.
#1998935 The company finally processed the refund after a delay of more than 30 days. But thanks to this grievance process of consumer affairs by government of India, they were forced to take action again to close this.
#1970248 Excellent
#1996527 I have received my complete refund of the product which I have purchased.
#1993104 Thanks for your prompt action. Through I didn't receive the products, got my refund. Thanks
#1987489 Refund Received.
#1979317 Excellent. My amount is credited to my account.
#1986074 Excellent! Great job. Thanks
#2001714 refund successfully credited...THANKS
#1952789 Excellent. Thanks a lot, to Consumer Grievance Team of India. You proved we have good governance in our country.
#1954557 Good. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
#1970978 Very Good. Really good service and satisfied with
#1943275 Excellent. My issue was resolved
#1988482 Excellent! Thank u so much
#1973061 Received amount, Thanks a lot.
#1936414 Thanks for your support.
#1927213 The support that consumer helpline provided was excellent and these people understand the feelings of a consumer when they get cheated due to online frauds that most of the sellers do this time. I got my money back and wish consumer executives all the best for future endeavors.
#1946201 Thank you a lot. Resolve just for you.
#1966950 Thanks for the wonderful help.
#1954466 Excellent! Great initiative by Indian Govt. for customers.
#1946642 Excellent! Thank you very much. Your service is very good.
#1936154 Excellent. No suggestions.
#1945994 Excellent. No Suggestion!!!! One of the best Services provided by the Government. Hats off!!!
#1961411 Amount Credited into wallet.
#1981949 Issue solved
#1981675 Excellent! Thank you very much for your kind
#1976197 Excellent! Good.
#1767370 Excellent, we received the replacement. We are grateful to NCH for their timely intervention. But for you, they would not have responded. Our sincere thanks to NCH for restoring the consumer rights. Thanks a million to NCH team for quick resolution.
#1892415 As a satisfied person I would like to suggest to create awareness regarding NCH so that it will help people to know their consumer rights.
#1931638 Thank to Consumers Rights team by whom my
#1849189 Thanks so much the issue stands closed post
#1842041 Excellent! Very Helpful
#1832763 Excellent! Very Excellent
#1901243 I am very happy; my issue is fixed after a long time
#1892149 I withdraw all amount from wallet. Thank you, all team
#1886559 Excellent, the issue was resolved. Thank you.
#1836984 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had
#1876334 Thank you Consumer Grievance team. Merchant
#1930344 Thanks a lot for your cooperation. Courier was
#1873329 Excellent. Thank you for excellent support.
#1835902 The amount was credited! Excellent. Thanks for the support.
#1828526 I got my refund. Thanks.
#1792607 I was facing network issues from long time.
#1772295 Excellent, really this platform is very good...
#1882231 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the company
#1774879 Excellent, very prompt and helpful service by government much needed in today's time.
#1865022 Thanks for your support. We received refund today. Consumer Feedback on INGRAM: Excellent. Got excellent help.
#1770287 Very Good. I appreciate the fact that the grievance was followed up and timely update was provided. Given the number of Indian citizens and numerous complaints filed on daily basis, this initiative is worthy of praise. Thank you.
#1773033 Excellent. Through this portal government is doing a great job, just wishing that the general publics are made aware of such service which will be of great help to the public. Keep it up!
 NCH Success Stories
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