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Docket Number Consumer Feedback
#4222256 Excellent! I have received refund amount. Thanks National Consumer Helpline
#4263991 Excellent!. Thank you NCH once again for your stellar support.
#4209395 Excellent! Thank you so much for the follow-up and effort you have done. Because of your follow-up, they have dispatched the RC book and I received the same. If you had not supported I might not have got the original RC book. Thank you so much.
#4266432 Excellent! Thanks for your support. The company accepted that it was their mistake and agreed to provide the offer that they have committed.
#4105358 Excellent! Thank You for such miraculous support
#4194826 Very Good! Problem was solved successfully satisfied with the services provided by NCH to consumers. Thanks
#4230022 Excellent ! Thank you National Consumer Helpline. The complaint is resolved.
#4209395 Excellent! It was resolved. The company settled the amount. Thank you very much for your support. Because you followed it up with the company, they were quick in resolving this.
#4105358 Excellent! Thank You for such miraculous support
#4048921 Excellent! Thank you for your support. Got the full refund, which was pending for months.
#4246978 Excellent! Thanks Team Modi Ji for establishing such a wonderful desk to resolve Consumer grievances.
#4247303 Excellent! I got my full refund. Thank NCH for you contribution and support.
#4215876 Very Good! Claimed refund has been credited to my account yesterday after one week of your follow up. I express gratitude and thank you very much for your kind support and swift action.
#4144426 Excellent! I really am amazed by the response and the resolution provided in time bound manner. I now feel a lot safer and secured while doing online shopping. I am very thankful to the government for such initiative.
#4208266 Excellent! They refund the paid amount of Rs 2475/- in my account. Thank you for the action taken by you, so that they processed the refund
#4194826 Very Good! Problem was solved successfully satisfied with the services provided by NCH to consumers. Thanks
#4224295 Excellent ! Thank you for all that you do to ensure customer grievances are addressed. I got my money credited to my account. Appreciate your help!
#4051395 Excellent! The amount has been refunded. Thank you very much for the NCH team.
#4034571 Very Good! Thank you very much the complaint is resolved.
#4045776 Excellent!. It is unbelievable that issue resolved in 5 days. Thanks to Govt.
#4056844 Excellent! Thank you very much for your support.
#4061987 Very Good! My issue has been solved because of NCH.
#4050205 Excellent! Thanks NCH for the quick response.
#4025053 Excellent! Sir aap bhut accha kaam kr re ho,thanku sir
#3956006 Excellent! Thanks for your help! Company has refunded the money.
#3959844 Excellent! This is to bring to your notice that i am happy my complaint solved by bank and thank you all consumer helpline members
#3908289 Excellent! Thank you super-fast result in only 2 days.
#4027131 Excellent! Very much appreciate your support. After your intervention, they started responding. Thanks very much.
#4011844 Excellent! Excellent work from your side, big thanks
#3992120 Excellent! Thank you very much. I got my money back. Without your help, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks again.
#3949544 Excellent! it is absolutely amazing service. I am really thankful to you.
#3872164 Excellent! Thank you for always being our greatest supporter
#3843716 Excellent! Very good response from consumer helpline
#3834283 Excellent! Thank you all who were involved to get the resolution
#3818379 Excellent! Issue was resolved in a timely manner after raising in this helpline. Thank you!
#3935274 Excellent! Thank you for valuable time and service
#3845547 Excellent! Very quick approach and resolution .Thanks a lot team
#3796553 Excellent! Your services are great.
#3937011 Excellent! Please keep up the good work and make us proud. Thank you all. Jai Hind.
#3855160 Excellent! Excellent! Appropriate action was taken immediately.
#3832524 Excellent! Your service was really awesome. You have solved my issue and got my amount refunded.
#3908283 Excellent! It is my first complaint and the service is excellent. Without your help it could be never resolved
#3576597 Excellent! Thank you so much for responding so fast and solving my issue. Feeling very proud that our govt is that much concerned about consumer rights. Jai Hind
#3625187 Excellent! No suggestions because action was taken very fast, i am very happy with this
#3904969 Excellent! If you are right you will definitely get justice. Hats off to the team. Great work.
#3883749 Excellent! Good job. Love you guys. You are amazing.
#3890890 Excellent! India's fastest service under Government of India. Thankyou
#3794368 Excellent! I would like to thank NCH for the quick response. I received the apology from the company and the invoice for my booking.
#3807923 Excellent! Very prompt action. Thanks NCH.
#3820250 Excellent! Thanks! Only because of this complaint the company has responded and refunded my money.
#3832902 Excellent! Absolutely at par services.
#3853407 Excellent! I have raised 3 Grievances up till now and all are resolved quickly so Hearty Thanks to Grievance Authority
#3844030 Excellent! Excellent services, Thank you very much
#3617270 Excellent! First of all thank you very much for your prompt support, your service is excellent. He also suggested that it would help if any conference telephone facility could be provided during the process of redressal.
#3772887 Excellent! Hi, First I want to say many thanks to help me out. You guys are amazing... Solved my concerns just in a month... Now take a stress free breath just because of you.... Thumbs-up
#3753458 Excellent! Wonderful service from the consumer helpline. I got back my money from the airline for the exorbitant fees they have charged me. I am very thankful to this portal for resolving this issue so fast.
#385286 Excellent! Thanks NCH Team, you are doing great job for customers. You are the safeguard of consumer rights of customer
#3873182 Excellent experience in getting things resolved.
#3756271 Excellent! More and more awareness campaigning is essential.
#3753343 Excellent!!!! There are no suggestions at all. I am extremely happy to have received the refund after 2 years of continuous follow- up with no response from them. Happened to come across this website, registered a grievance and what a prompt response from INGRAM as well as the company within 24 hours!!!! At last, a website where consumers win without going to consumer court.
#381695 Excellent! Very good services. Perfect administration. I thanks to all administration team
#3829424 Excellent! Hats-off to this system developed by govt. for issuing grievance against suppliers. I was not getting responses from the Company's Support Executive. Hence, I had to raise a grievance on this system and the immediate next day a support executive from the Company called me and issued a refund for the service.
#3753685 Excellent! Thank you consumer helpline only with your intervention the issue got resolved.
#3744167 Excellent! You are doing a great job by protecting Customer's right. Well done! If possible just provide regular comments mostly it can be weekly update to customers about progress on their complaint so that Customer can take next step according to that status update.
#3705103 Excellent! No suggestions as such just want to thank for helping when no one was listening to the problem
#3664001 Excellent! Very good service, Thanks a lot
#3719301 Excellent! Thank you National Consumer Helpline for help and in resolving the issue
#3765418 Excellent! The refund has been made. Thanks for the excellent and prompt support. The issue was resolved within 24 hours of raising the complaint. Just Amazing!
#3712215 Excellent! Excellent Service.
#3735668 Excellent! Good Service
#3768165 Excellent ! Thanks for your prompt help!
#3770530 Excellent! It was resolved within a day.
#3712576 Excellent! Resolved the problem. Thanks for your support.
#3709918 Excellent! Its a very excellent helpline by GoI, I am very much satisfied with it, Thank you.
#3716361 Excellent! Speechless at the excellent service provided. A month long issue solved in a day. Few people know about this forum so more advertisement on social media, YouTube etc for mass awareness.
#3704899 Refund duly received.
#3762121 Excellent ! Issue Resolved, thanks to NCH
#3697193 When NCH contacted the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the refund of ₹50,000/- in his bank account.
#3453664 Thank you very much to the team of National Consumer Helpline. I really appreciate their service. it is because of them that my Grievance was resolved.
#3543641 Excellent thanks for your kind cooperation or special thanks to NCH for their prompt action if such type of institution being available no one can fraud and I’m very much thankful to NCH
#3552466 Excellent Thanks NCH for all your support and help and intervention otherwise it still wouldn't not been resolved!!
#3541558 Excellent NO any suggestions sir/madam, you are the hero for a consumer. Thanks a lot all your team
#3526618 Excellent! No suggestions. Worked perfectly
#3496209 Excellent! Respected Sir, as per your taken step xxxxxx (agency) returned my money as says. Thanks a lot to you.
#3444475 Excellent. Excellent Service.
#3397228 Excellent. Thanks for your support
#3320338 Excellent. Thanks NCH, after your involvement in this matter, company executive contacted me and exchanged the defective product with Pick up & Drop facility. Thank You Very Much.
#3305143 Excellent Thank You for resolving the case. Good Experience with Consumer Forum. I got the amount I paid for the product.
#3465590 EXCELLENT. Thanks
#3465311 NCH Feedback Excellent. Thanks you so much
#3418688 Excellent. Thank you. Thank you. Company has refunded me. All because of national consumer helpline
#3352085 Excellent. Thank you. Now the service is good.
#3356964 Excellent! Amount Reflect In my account NO ANY SUGGESTIONS THANK YOU U R SUPPORT THANK YOU INDIA
#3375204 Excellent. Thank you very MUCH NCH and Team, I received my refund yesterday and faith has been restored with you guys. I bow to you and your team. Regards, a Common Man
#3361997 Excellent! Super work.
#3402619 Excellent! Thanks for your support I just received refund. Thanks a lot.
#3366977 Excellent! Many thanks for the prompt action. Keep up the good work.
#3356301 Excellent! Thank you so much Consumer helpline to provide my ₹1299/- in my wallet.
#3305809 Excellent! No suggestions as such but Thank you so much!! It was a hassle free experience overall and I got my refund.
#3364092 I am very pleased with the resolution. This is a great Government of India help to consumers. Really appreciated
#3392906 Excellent! Great response.
#3285968 Excellent! Thanks for cooperation I received the refund
#3324694 Excellent! Received the amount. YOUR SERVICE VERY EXCELLENT. Thank you very much Sir.
#3311381 Excellent! It is a wonderful experience. The company called me and handed over the amount in full, which it was vehemently refusing. Thanks for the intervention and TIMELY resolution
#3196512 Excellent! I came to the National Consumer helpline as the last option for my issue. Thank you for the quick response. Apple took up the case, and even though it took time, the authorized service providers and company coordinated to resolve it.
#3238483 Excellent. Resolved.
#3247454 Excellent! Fully Satisfied
#3339697 Excellent! Actually its excellent my problem was solved in 3hrs
#3379575 Excellent! Thank you for your kind support.
#3391136 Excellent! I'm feeling lucky, Thank you.
#3320290 Excellent! Great response. Please keep supporting general public in these cases.
#3357164 Excellent! Keep up the good work.
#3370830 Excellent! Excellent service by NCH
#3281681 Excellent! Excellent service, I don't have suggestion because all seems very well managed, after struggling a lot I made only one call in the toll free no. And then the problem is resolved very smoothly. THANKS A LOT
#3298033 Excellent! Satisfied with the service
#3257137 Excellent. Best portal for resolving consumer services.
#3240624 Excellent. Thank you consumer helpline for getting my refund. Thank you so much! I'm really thankful to this forum! Much much appreciated.
#3225537 Excellent! All products delivered
#3217652 Excellent. Excellent work done. No issue arises.
#3231323 Excellent! Thanks to the Ministry of National Consumer Helpline. My complaint is resolve.
#3269330 After the complaint in the National Consumer Helpline, i got my refund, thank you so much.
#3221266 Got my refund. Thanks to national consumer helpline.
#3159028 Very good. Well done.
#3217776 Excellent. Issue resolved! Got a refund of Rs.3368 from the company
#3273885 Excellent. Very nice Good service
#3179817 Excellent. Thanks a lot sir for putting effort
#3165278 Excellent. Thanks a lot for your speedy action
#3214096 Excellent. Thank you NCH team
#3232990 Excellent. Thanks to Govt. of India for providing platform like this. Again thanks
#3161748 Excellent. Issue resolved! Got the replacement of shoes worth Rs. 6797 from the company on 24.12.2021.
#3143200 Excellent. Issue resolved!! Company has provided replaced TV worth Rs. 17490
#3213277 Excellent. Thank you NCH. You have proved like a lifeline to everyone. Thanks
#3197594 Excellent. Thank you so much for the service. It was quick, reliable and very helpful. My grievance got resolved. All thanks to your team.
#3197196 Excellent. Nothing more. Your team is already doing a fantastic and a thankless job. Really appreciate your efforts.
#3200699 Excellent. Excellent service on behalf of the Government of India. If not for this facility, I would have been stuck with a faulty product with no redressal. It's also a lesson to companies that they can't consumers for granted any longer. Thanks a lot.
#3164183 Excellent. Thank you for reaching out, company and been able to resolve my issue with utmost satisfaction. This helpline is indeed a life savior for customers who has issues with consumer products and thank you for all the great support!
#3141157 Excellent. Thanks
#3149436 Excellent. I have received my refund. Highly obliged.
#3133249 Excellent. No Suggestion, excellent job done, my issue is resolved, all credit goes to you, Thank you very much.
#3163848 Excellent. I have no words to describe how great and efficient this service works. It's outstanding how the consumer helpline helps the consumer in such an easy way and takes swift action. Really proud as a citizen to have such great service. Hats off to you guys and thank you so much.
#3134024 Excellent. The only suggestion is that please do not stop or overlook your services. As a customer you are the backbone to our interests. Thank you so much.
#3081067 Excellent. Service has been excellent. Thank you very much for the co-operation and guidance
#3085394 No suggestions and no words for expressing my gratitude to this website!! Absolutely brilliant work. Thank you.
#3128987 Excellent services, quick redressal, easy communication available with NCH through the helpline and easy and direct contact to the company. Everything is fine. The website is also fast and well responsive. Thanks to GOI
#3155231 Excellent. Demands fulfilled by xxxxx. The consumer helpline is very efficient and quick. Thank you so much for this facility. Without registering in consumer portal, the resolution is not going to become easy. The Agent who spoke to me in Tamil was also very helpful. Thanks a lot.
#3103991 Excellent. Good job done by team. Thanks for your support. My reimbursement issue resolved. Pls. support the needy
#3132360 Excellent. Your good working i am very very impressed.
#3160566 Excellent. Thank you for your cooperation so I got my money early
#3124357 Excellent. So much helpful, they take immediate action against companies not responding. Thank u for help consumer care team.
#3123475 Excellent. Keep it up. Done wonderful job in interest of consumers.
#3079862 Excellent. Super-fast n fully satisfied.
#3021021 Very Good. After filing the complaint, company responded within 4 days and the matter was resolved
#3067881 Excellent. Hello Sir/ Madam. Greetings. My issue has been resolved as I have received my payment. I am highly thankful for your kind and valuable support. With best wishes
#3024060 Excellent! Thanks for the prompt feedback and resolving my query at the earliest convenience
#3028691 Excellent! I am happy that I received the refund, for which I waited for 1 and half years and wasted 2 months sending emails to xxxxxx.
#3093196 Excellent, the company had given a refund of ₹ 9500/-
#3108102 The Company refunded me the full amount. Thank you NCH
#3081343 Excellent. If you keep on providing such services, then people will not feel any hesitation in doing online transactions. Thanks.
#3054742 Excellent. Thank you, you are always helpful. Keep up the Good work
#3010946 Excellent! Thank you; you are saint for weaker sections of consumers
#3085285 Excellent! I could not believe that my problem was resolved so fast. I have been following up with the merchant but all in vain. INGRAM helped me to get my refund within 2-3 days.
#3136828 Excellent. Thanks for your all support sir/madam they company has initiated refund.
#3117285 Excellent, No Suggestions, in fact this portal is good and continue the same work, there are several cases in India, who all are facing of such issues. Thanks you
#2990100 Excellent. I am glad for taking up my Complaint and resolving at the earliest. I will surely convey to others for your quick resolution. Thanks a lot.
#2957090 Excellent. My issue now resolved thanks thanks thanks to NCH. I got my phone just because I put my issue on NCH portal and after company arrange repair service for me. Now issue resolved thanks thanks thanks to consumer helpline. And consumer helpline staff also supportive
#3065800 Very Good. Good Service
#3076575 Very Good. Putting my Grievances here I think it made an impact and my issue was resolved. Thank You.
#3103440 Excellent. Very happy with the service. Got the replacement.
#3082434 Excellent. Got the full refund of ₹1789.76/-!
#3013235 Very Good.
#3090654 Very Good. Solved my issue but it’s very late. Thanks.
#3095975 Excellent. Thanks for your all support sir/madam the company has initiated refund.
#3081103 Excellent, you’ve done your job very well and I'm happy with the response you gave on my concern and delighted that you took action on my issue without any further delay. Thank you for the support.
#3093551 Excellent service and I have received my refund. Thank you consumer court for your support.
#3060303 Excellent! I got the helmet as I requested.
#3013931 Excellent. First time I lodged a complaint, and I am satisfied with the service provided by Consumer Helpline.
#3134764 Excellent. Really good.
#3042964 Excellent! I like NCH very much. Whenever I get in trouble, mostly in monetary transaction problems, the Name comes in My Mind is NCH. I have faith in NCH and the best part is you guys work so fast and get our problems resolved at the earliest. Thanks a lot.
#3093260 Excellent! My Grievances is resolved. This NCH App made xxxxxxx to reverse the recharge. I am so happy and satisfied with the work. Thank you so much
#3012667 Excellent! बस, आपका नाम ही काफी है | you are working for the people only. Keep it up.
#2974460 Excellent! No suggestions from my end as you guys are awesome and really helpful. I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much team.
#3056736 Excellent. Immediate action taken, thank you
#3031091 Excellent support by NCH team XXXX has released my mobile phone. Thank you so much, it’s possible only with you support.
#3005364 Excellent! I am really satisfied, thank you so much.
#3022014 Excellent! Everything is fine.
#3043316 Excellent! Thanks for the support. Got back my refund.
#3032400 Excellent!!! Very nice….Thanks a lot..
#3001429 Excellent. I got the refund.
#2968295 Excellent. Thanks for your kind support.
#3045603 Excellent. Very helpful for consumer
#2965119 Excellent. Thanks to this excellent service offered by NCH. The follow-up was swift without me having to follow-up. I got full refund for the defective product.
#2965167 Excellent. So fast and quick resolution thank u
#2982441 Excellent Action expedited after registering complaint with consumer helpline
#3074931 Excellent! You guys are doing a brilliant job. Thank you
#3062033 Excellent! Keep it up.
#2960848 I got the full refund on 21st September 2021. Thanks.
#2981106 Excellent. Lot of people is not aware about this facility. This facility is very helpful to ordinary citizens. Thank you. JAI HIND
#2999599 Excellent.Thanks.
#2987295 Excellent! I would like to highly appreciate the help from Consumer helpline on this matter. Thanks for fast resolution for the problem. A BIG THANKS TO THE TEAM!
#2939842 Excellent! We have received New Product .Thank you.
#3001392 Excellent. Thank you for resolving this issue. Company has provided a new speaker replacement
#3021201 Excellent. Thank you so much for helping me. I have received my money.
#2998599 Excellent. Without the involvement from NCH, the issue would not have solved. Thanks a lot NCH!!
#3012092 Excellent. Thank you for such a quick action. Good governance. Happy with such a smooth government service.
#2945442 Excellent. Thanks.
#3026985 Excellent! Extremely satisfied with the help extended by Consumer helpline. My complaint was quickly actioned by xxxx team and refund was issued on priority. Many thanks for helping.
#2885968 Excellent! Really super. Thanks a lot.
#3030602 When NCH contacted the consumer, he confirmed that the amount of ₹10,000 has been credited in his account.
#2918773 Excellent. The New replacement is working perfectly. I am satisfied with the redressal NCH. Thank you very much. It was a good experience thanks for the Support. The faith on the system is now even stronger.
#2975546 Excellent! The case was resolved. I have received my refund now. Thank you very much. It will be helpful if you could let us add comments when the case is open.
#3027608 Excellent! I am very grateful to NCH. Thank you so much for the help and support.
#2977800 Would like to thank, you are doing such good work for people because nowadays many organisations or companies are doing wrong thing with us. As of now over all service was good. If youll give comments option on ticket as in progress status mode.
#2965900 Thank you so much for resolving this and I really appreciate your service.
#2939938 Excellent! Resolution was excellent and very quick. You are given me awesome support... excellent work... keep it up... There is nothing to improve as you giving exceptional support.
#2953855 Excellent! Thank u so much NCH. This company has refused to give my claim with unexpected reason but Thank u to NCH; finally I have received my claim.
#2923328 Excellent!
#2938555 Excellent! Already you have excellent service. My grievance was resolved expeditiously. Thanks for all your help
#2894918 Excellent. Very good work. I have received refund. I am very happy with your action
#2961741 Consumer called up NCH to inform that the amount of ₹1018.16 was reversed by the bank.
#2954154 Thank you so much for your support. Really I am very grateful to you.
#2956924 Excellent! Amazing platform to help consumers where they feel helpless being powerful companies on other side
#2935242 Excellent! Ultimate service and thanks to take action in this problem. Salute sir.
#2929742 Excellent! Amazing. Greatly thankful for the quick and satisfying resolution. From start to end super follow up. I was called personally to know whether amount received in full and asked whether i am satisfied or not. Fantastic. A great thanks to everyone involved. I am very much pleased.
#2965167 Excellent! So fast and quick resolution thank u
#2906153 Excellent! Because of Consumer helpline I got my money. Thanking you!
#2971627 xxxx (the company) refunded the amount
#2921963 Excellent! I got Remarkable Support from NCH Team.
#2916054 Excellent! This is the first time I used this to escalate the service issue. This facility is very good and helps uphold the consumer grievances
#2893955 Excellent! Immediate action taken. I got my shipment, thank you so much
#2925238 Excellent! NCH has helped me in great deal in getting me refund and taking matter properly with concerned company.
#2950384 Excellent! Excellent Team work NCH. I have received my refund thanks NCH.
#2924366 Excellent! They refunded the amount. Thankyou NCH
#2917017 Excellent! Excellent Services
#2931154 Excellent! More and more people should get aware about this website
#2908708 Thank you so much for the support. After the complaint the company provided a replacement immediately.
#2825038 Excellent! Thanks to Government Consumer Helpline for creating such system. Because of your support, we can raise issues and fight for our rights. I am happy with the service
#2902991 Excellent! Good Service
#2949230 Thanks xxxx (company) as well as Consumer Helpline, I got my money. Thanks a lot for your support.
#2908384 Consumer called NCH and informed that his issue was resolved as he had got a refund from the company.
#2912794 Excellent ! I got my refund!!!! Thanks to all.
#2884198 Excellent ! Very good efforts
#2920000 Consumer called up NCH to inform that he had received the refund of ₹2055, and requested that his grievance be closed.
#2912404 Excellent. Thank You!
#2925448 Excellent! It can be a little faster
#2897260 xxxxx ( company) provided a replacement. I will monitor the replacement fridge provided and incase of any issues, i will re-open the grievance raised. Thank you
#2821994 I have received the refund, Thank You for your support
#2919319 My Issue resolved after grievance and 6 days taken to solve the issue and xxxxx company service is not good. My issue is resolved just because I have grievance in NCH. However company has told me didn't come under warranty Thank you.
#2873275 Thank you. After complaint my problem has been resolved.
#2853491 Excellent! Excellent bridge to communicate direct Brand and getting resolved very soon. In My case after the request was raised here issue was resolved. Good Platform.
#2880210 Excellent! Absolutely satisfied with the resolution
#2764092 Excellent. Great Service.
#2757476 Thanks for the help. Please close the ticket.
#2766844 It’s all good.
#2869546 Excellent ! I got my refund. Thanks a lot guys
#2862945 Excellent !
#2841709 Thanks for the fast process
#2824891 Excellent ! Thank you INGRAM ! The xxxx store at Ahmedabad has resolved the issue, collected the defective piece and replaced /installed Air-conditioner of another company with the payment of difference of price. I appreciate the efforts of INGRAM to help consumers who pay for the product for their use, but if cheated by any of the business organisations, he can complain at INGRAM. I am satisfied.
#2852930 Excellent!
#2869831 Excellent! Very good, I received my refund after Consumer helpline intervention!!! Thank you NCH
#2868797 Excellent !Very useful and responsive portal of government, thank you for helping me two times.
#2793842 Excellent!.No suggestions. Just keep up doing this type of work. Thanks a lot.
#2867845 Excellent ! Finally I got justice, if this kind of forum was not there to address poor consumer's grievance like mine, then these kind of big companies would have swallowed consumers. Thanks a lot.
#2848678 Excellent! Awesome services by the Govt. and staff here. Thank you so much for saving lots and lots of time. Everything is smooth and taken up on priority with continuous follow-up. Thanks again.
#2798669 New replacement unit received from xxxx. Thank you for your support.
#2844592 Excellent! The helpline has always given resolution quickly
#2836332 Excellent ! Thanks a lot consumer helpline team, after two months, now I'm received my promised offer.
#2766288 Excellent ! Thankyou very much sir. Saved me lot. thankyou. I m very happy about it
#2833726 Excellent!!! Refund received of ₹1349/-. Thank you so much, NCH
#2861197 Excellent! I got ₹30,499/- Refund from the company Thanks for the help. I am happy for your service.
#2848981 Company has refunded the sum Rs.5000 after they have received mail from NCH.
#2821744 Excellent! Thank you
#2694215 Excellent. Great.
#2782901 Excellent!
#2859462 Excellent! Really Amazing Response from Team Supported. Refund of RS.10999 Received within 5 Days. From E-commerce Online Platform.
#2812427 Excellent! Your team work is very good and persons are honest
#2727797 Excellent! NCH has helped me to receive my money back
#2803311 Excellent! Very very thanks. My problem is fixed. This immediate action from you makes people believe still government supports or stands with public.
#2834008 Payment is received
#2834128 Excellent! Thanks for your support for closing the respective issue.
#2751210 The Company gave me the response & solved my problem. Thank you so much "NCH”
#2774820 Excellent! All Good!
#2768644 Closed after Consumer helpline intervention
#2807239 Thank you.
#2760170 Excellent! I am glad I contacted NCH. Everyone here is very supportive and understanding. NCH takes laudable efforts to protect consumer rights. I got a defective Refrigerator, was refused refund/replacement. Suffered 4months. In June contacted NCH, mid-July, got replacement. So happy, I will make more people aware of this. Thanks a bunch National consumer helpline.
#2796852 Excellent! Dear Team, I am very thankful for your help. Really appreciate your efforts and the solution provided. I was struggling from last 2 months but now you resolved that. Thanks Again!!!!
#2802628 Excellent!
#2815995 Excellent. It’s very helpful.
#2784396 Excellent! Good Job !
#2833387 Excellent! Thank you for helping me else I would have never got my money back
#2826270 Excellent! Very good, I received my refund, thankyou NCH
#2792142 Very good Response. Fantastic Portal for raising grievances of consumers. Thank you!!
#2775571 Excellent! After complaining in consumer helpline my refund related problem immediately solved. Thank you
#2835761 Excellent! Thank you very much for your intervention. The issue has been resolved due to your swift response
#2774346 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the full refund of ₹1095/-. He was very happy and satisfied with the resolution.
#2784863 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the refund of ₹25000/- from the company.
#2812425 When NCH called you up, you confirmed that you had received the refund of ₹21097/-
#2809046 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the refund of ₹85000/-. Now the issue is resolved and he is satisfied with the same.
#2802801 When the consumer was spoken to, he confirmed that the issue was resolved and the amount of ₹ 30,000 /- had been credited in his account.
#2807135 Excellent! I'm impressed by the systematic and quick action taken by INGRAM and I got my refund. Thanks a lot guys.
#2780131 रिफंड देने के लिए सोमवार को बोला दुकानदार ने और कंपनी ने बोला कि आप रीफंड ले जाए
#2778724 Excellent! Your service is very good. It helps people to solve their problems. Give direction to all insurance company, not to reject claim due to useless reason in covid-19 pandemic. It's time to test insurance company.
#2710887 Excellent. I am very satisfied with this service! Thank you!!!
#2759141 Excellent!. Nice platform to resolve customer’s grievances quickly
#2800039 Excellent ! I love the service. The agent persistently worked on my case. Thank you so much and God bless you for defending the rights of the victims.
#2811251 Excellent ! I am so satisfied with this service EXCELLENT
#2792791 Excellent ! Thank You for support I got my refund.
#2809279 Excellent ! Refund received successfully. Thanks to all.
#2811952 item delivered thank you.
#2850683 Thanks Consumer help line. Because of your effort, i got received the refunded amount in my credit card account.
#2842877 This forum helped in getting the issue resolved. The response from the firm was prompt and very good when approached via this forum.
#2770331 Excellent! Problem is solve thanks you so much
#2816054 Excellent! I am pleasantly surprised by our authorities working so flawlessly.
#2828023 When NCH spoke to the consumer; he confirmed that he had received the full refund amount from the company. He said that this was possible because of NCH, and he was very happy with NCH work.
#2791970 Excellent! The process was very smooth and I am very happy with the service
#2815537 Excellent! Thank you very much for your support and prompt service
#2814604 Excellent! Thanks for the support. Got back my Refund.
#2756130 Excellent! Consumer Helpline services are excellent
#2832770 Excellent! Really a great service. Always prompt in handling issues. Thanks for retrieving my package and the refund amount.
#2799792 When NCH spoke to the consumer, she confirmed that she had got the refund of ₹71250/- from the Private education company, and that she was happy with the resolution.
#2786543 Excellent! Sir/Mam thank you very much with your help, I have got this laptop, the quality of this laptop is low but it is fine. Thanks
#2799939 Excellent. A refund amount of ₹ 2999 has been initiated by the company after making me wait for more than one and half months. All thanks to National Consumer Helpline. Please continue providing such great support. Extremely satisfied by this helpline!!
#2795051 Excellent. Awesome response.
#2776681 Thank you Consumer Helpline for your intervention and help to close the issue
#2699191 The e–Gift Card was redelivered by the bank. Received email confirmation from the Customer Care support and also from the Recipient. Thanks Consumer Helpline, you are doing a great job by helping the consumers.
#2770638 Excellent! Go to portal for consumer related complaints. Easy to use and early resolution.
#2767517 Excellent! I am extremely thankful for such a fast service.
#2811190 Resolved by dealer.
#2820606 Received money and shoes were collected.
#2753015 Excellent! Good.
#2712611 Excellent! Money refunded plz close case.
#2794512 Very Good! It has been proved that after logging complaints only cases gets resolved. This has been a true experience & many thanks for your support in resolving the case within 15-20 days.
#2823963 Excellent! Great resolution, really it resolved in two days, thank you.
#2749657 Excellent ! Unbelievable dispute handling speed & efficiency. I think this is an excellent department run by the government of India.
#2803316 The issue is resolved. The company has solved the problem. I am happy with the resolution. Thanks
#2775824 Excellent! All things are best
#2793706 Excellent! I sincerely thank you for supporting and getting my issue resolved
#2762962 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the refund of ₹1082/- from the company.
#2775843 When consumer was spoken to, by NCH, he confirmed that he had received the refund of ₹1083/- .
#2721372 I got my refund. Thank you NCH!
#2749445 Got refund.
#2764675 Excellent! Satisfied
#2779040 Excellent! After posting the complaint on National Consumer Grievance portal, got quick response from the company and the problem was solved in two days. Thank You!
#2678087 Excellent! I am very much satisfied with the service and thankful to the whole team of consumer helpline. Your service is very fast and excellent. Tussi gr8 ho!! It was unbelievable that I got 50K reverse in my account. Again a very much big Thank U. God bless you all.
#2711748 Excellent! Thank you so much consumer helpline. I received my replacement mattress. Thanks a lot.
#2743502 Very Good! Thank you so much.
#2710011 I highly appreciate the way NCH dealt with my complaint and took it with the concerned company, in lightning speed, and in the process helped me to amplify my voice and concern and closing the matter within record 1 day. The company that was indifferent and insensitive to my complaint became very proactive. I have thus discovered the power of NCH platform that could be leveraged by the consumer if he is being played or fooled by the corporates
#2744256 As the matter lodged by me with the Consumer grievance helpline has been expeditiously resolved by this esteemed platform, I convey my heartiest thanks and regards to the team of consumer grievance helpline portal for the same. I appreciate the work being done by you for the welfare of the people. I also am thankful to our Government to have initiated such a reformative measure to dispose of the grievances of the people in a speedy manner. Thank you
#2742926 Excellent! The service by consumer helpline is excellent and prompt. This one helpline is a hope for all consumers when in need. Great show, keep it up!
#2696326 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the full refund from the company.
#2722616 When we spoke to you on 19th May 2021, you confirmed that you received a refund of ₹2920.63/- . Hence issue resolved.
#2696326 When we spoke to you on 22nd May 2021, you confirmed that you received the full refund on 18th May 2021. Hence issue resolved.
#2734189 Thank you Team as I got call yesterday for replacement and I have replaced it today.
#2744400 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the full refund of ₹1750/-.
#2745869 Refund Received.
#2702252 Excellent.
#2731715 Excellent! You are excellent
#2654219 Excellent! Repair was done and fully happy with the process. THANK YOU very much.
#2734501 Excellent ! Good job Sir
#2735699 XXX has made the full refund and the same has been credited to my account today. Thank you
#2720558 Thank you: Consumer Affairs, You solved my months old grievance without going anywhere just with some clicks online.
#2669625 Thank you so much for the help. I got the delivery
#2583043 Refund has been received. Thanks for your support.
#2676671 The issue has been resolved.
#2647747 Refund received!! Thank you!
#2593585 Excellent ! Please provide an option to close the case. I was trying to close this after I got the resolution, but I couldn't find an option.
#2609583 Excellent! Thanks a lot for consumer helpline; i received money ₹ 5,050 on 13-March-2021 that was charged by company for repairing the product under 100% warranty. Thanks once again to consumer helpline agents effort for justice.
#2696791 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the company had delivered the products, and he was happy with the response.
#2606068 Excellent! Excellent and fast disposal by NCH. Truly satisfied and I recommended my friend circle to approach this site.
#2672938 Thank you Consumer helpline for your timely intervention, helping me to get the refund from the merchant. Keep up the good work !!
#2674865 Excellent! Thanks for co-operating and helpline in this case. You all are doing a great job. I again submit my thanks to you and all your team. God bless you all.
#2690939 Excellent! Thank you for your kind cooperation and for helping me in hard times
#2590943 The Company has delivered the right monitor and hence I would like to close the grievance and confirm it as resolved.
#2566442 Excellent! I am very happy with the services. Though it has taken a little time but all my queries are resolved. Thank you very much to all the team involved in this. Keep it up.
#2630797 Excellent! Thanks for providing wonderful support. I have received refund from the company
#2662066 Thank you so much for your help. I'm so glad you helped me out. It wouldn't have been possible without you.
#2552651 Excellent! I am satisfied
#2637061 Excellent! It is a very helpful site to complain against any undoing by the company or vendors. Thanks.
#2633984 Excellent ! It is a perfect platform for addressing grievances. Full transparency is maintained
#2542372 Excellent! I am very much satisfied with your service
#2646697 Gave an exception and offered free repair of the product without any additional charges
#2653776 Hi NCH Team, Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution and support, i have received my refund in the original payment method.
#2594405 The Company returned the booking amount. However as a vigilant consumer, warning may please be issued not to commit such type of mistake in future.
#2609047 Repairs accepted.
#2636640 I got a call from the customer case and the issue was resolved. Thank you for the support.
#2634830 Thank you all, yes I have been replaced with a new TV of same model.
#2554622 Excellent! All is good.
#2630835 Satisfactorily resolved by NCH. Great service
#2648746 thank you so much for stepping in - I have got my refund.
#2506110 Excellent! I am satisfied with the company's response. I would like to thank this forum for solving this dispute. We can now close this case.
#2415081 Thanks a lot consumer helpline
#2623444 Issue resolved from both the end.
#2436505 Excellent! Service is excellent but most of the people doesn't know about you. So need more awareness program with the people those who get benefitted through your services.
#2655471 Excellent! Thank you very much for your immediate support and resolving the issue.
#2630690 Thanks, product was repaired by company.
#2613520 Thank you so much.
#2599449 Excellent! Best service, problem solved within 3 days
#2584077 Excellent
#2580800 I have received my refund cheque. I would request the ministry to take strict actions against the company so that they don't repeat these mistakes again.
#2626894 Thanks for giving quick response.
#2491767 Very good! I am very much happy with initiative of Consumer forum.
#2595482 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the grievance had been resolved and the speaker had been replaced by the company. He was happy with the efforts of NCH.
#2599966 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that his grievance has been resolved, and he had he got the full refund, and conveyed his thanks to NCH.
#2587863 Very Good! Prompt action. Keep it up.
#2560718 Thanks for taking my complaint and forwarding to concern company, my problem is solved. Consumer App is an initiative of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. Thank you very much.
#2579480 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had received ₹1455/-refund from the company.
#2561900 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he said that he had booked the hotel for two days but he was allowed to use the hotel venue and their services for one day only. The Balance amount of ₹2 Lac approx. was refunded to him, hence issue resolved. He is happy with the response.
#2569440 Refund received.
#2570103 Excellent.
#2563545 Excellent! Thank you team, i am really thankful to all team for the stand behind the common man and result got
#2553929 The AC which was defective was replaced by the company. It is working to the satisfaction. Hence I request the grievance to be closed. Thank you for the support.
#2620839 I have received the refund from the seller/website. Thanks for your help. Thanks a lot.
#2513240 Very Good! Thank you so much consumer helpline.....but if you provide more fast service than it will be excellent.
#2592601 Excellent! Thanks a lot for the quick resolution and this is really helpful for the common man.
#2452974 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the claim had been settled and the amount of ₹100000.00 had been received from the company.
#2536941 Thanks, I got my money back.
#2567150 Excellent! I am quite happy in the way and speed in which the consumer helpline helped in resolving the issue.
#2576156 When NCH spoke to the consumer he confirmed that he had got a refund of ₹20500/- with compensation.
#2426690 Excellent, Really appreciate the help of portal for resolving my house durable issue... Thank you so much
#2478818 Excellent, You are superb. Thanks you so much. The company was not responding me but after your intervention I got my money back. Thank you so much again.
#2429748 Excellent, I have received my refund. Thanks.
#2526505 Excellent. Lots of thanks again for intervening and solving this matter. Very much thankful to you sir. I am really happy that every issue is being taken care of. Thanks again from core of my heart.
#2415081 Excellent! Thanks a lot to consumer helpline. Because of you, replacement is done
#2506440 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he said that when he presented the cheque to his bank for encashing, he got the sms from the bank that the cheque was not processed as a wrong year (2020 instead of 2021) had been mentioned on the cheque. Thereafter NCH again took up the matter with the company and then the company responded that” Amount has been refunded to Consumer”.
#2493802 Excellent! Good service and now I am feeling relaxed
#2525206 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had got the refund of ₹9499 in his account. He was very happy and satisfied with the efforts made by NCH.
#2417464 When NCH called the consumer, he confirmed that he had received the refund amount of ₹2689/-. He was happy and satisfied.
#2419267 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had got the refund of the amount paid of ₹36990 in his account. He was very happy with the efforts made by NCH.
#2463090 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that after lodging the grievance on portal he received ₹ 4100/- refund from the company, hence issue resolved.
#2360347 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the issue had been resolved, and he had got the refund.
#2419421 Excellent! Very much delighted and obliged with the help of National Consumer Helpline. Thanks for all your support to get this done
#2455831 Excellent! The bank refunded my amount. Very good follow up by NCH. Appreciate it very much.
#2155826 I got the refund of my money. Thanks to NCH. I request NCH to take severe action against the company, since I'm not the only person who got cheated, there are lot more people affected. It's a big harassment by the company to the consumers. Without NCH I would have never got my money back, so I thank you once again.
#2133020 Excellent. Wonderful platform for redressal.
#2219099 Pending amount is credited and complaint has been resolved. Thanks a lot for your support.
#2198031 Issue resolved. Thanks.
#2167553 I have received the refund, thank you.
#2148831 Received soft copy of my policy.
#2086799 After registering the complaint in consumer helpline, within 6 hours my problem is resolved. I convey my thanks for resolving this issue and also, I request you to please close this registered complaint. Thank you very much.
#2091345 Thanks consumer affairs for responding and resolving this issue.
#2043286 Got the refund back from the company. Thank you for the
#2075121 Problem Solved
#2041469 NCH out called the consumer and he confirmed that his issue has been resolved as the company has replaced the product.
#2047569 Jeweler refunded the excess amount that he charged unfairly. I want to close the case/complaint.
#2009850 Company has done refund. I have received refund
#2026025 Very happy with the prompt service. Very useful and effective. Awesome!!!!
#2040841 Very Good! My problem was completely neglected by the company......a great thanks to NCH. Further I request NCH that, this type of negligence by companies should be dealt with strictly.... companies should be awarded financial penalty, if problem is being solved through NCH.
#1999752 The Airlines has refunded my amount and soon the travel agency will transfer it to my account.
#2001691 Received satisfactory resolution. Thank you, consumer helpline. Without your intervention, this wouldn’t have been possible.
#2041068 Thanks a lot, to working team INGRAM.
#1991420 Excellent. Thanks for help in this situation. Excellent job.
#1995969 Excellent.!
#1995852 Satisfied with Consumer helpline.
#2009599 Very Good! Good Service.
#2010339 I am happy that this site made by govt. The company refunded my money.
#2001926 Problem resolved by company. Policy is renewed by same company.
#1998935 The company finally processed the refund after a delay of more than 30 days. But thanks to this grievance process of consumer affairs by government of India, they were forced to take action again to close this.
#1970248 Excellent
#1996527 I have received my complete refund of the product which I have purchased.
#1993104 Thanks for your prompt action. Through I didn't receive the products, got my refund. Thanks
#1987489 Refund Received.
#1979317 Excellent. My amount is credited to my account.
#1986074 Excellent! Great job. Thanks
#2001714 refund successfully credited...THANKS
#1952789 Excellent. Thanks a lot, to Consumer Grievance Team of India. You proved we have good governance in our country.
#1954557 Good. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
#1970978 Very Good. Really good service and satisfied with
#1943275 Excellent. My issue was resolved
#1988482 Excellent! Thank u so much
#1973061 Received amount, Thanks a lot.
#1936414 Thanks for your support.
#1927213 The support that consumer helpline provided was excellent and these people understand the feelings of a consumer when they get cheated due to online frauds that most of the sellers do this time. I got my money back and wish consumer executives all the best for future endeavors.
#1946201 Thank you a lot. Resolve just for you.
#1966950 Thanks for the wonderful help.
#1954466 Excellent! Great initiative by Indian Govt. for customers.
#1946642 Excellent! Thank you very much. Your service is very good.
#1936154 Excellent. No suggestions.
#1945994 Excellent. No Suggestion!!!! One of the best Services provided by the Government. Hats off!!!
#1961411 Amount Credited into wallet.
#1981949 Issue solved
#1981675 Excellent! Thank you very much for your kind
#1976197 Excellent! Good.
#1767370 Excellent, we received the replacement. We are grateful to NCH for their timely intervention. But for you, they would not have responded. Our sincere thanks to NCH for restoring the consumer rights. Thanks a million to NCH team for quick resolution.
#1892415 As a satisfied person I would like to suggest to create awareness regarding NCH so that it will help people to know their consumer rights.
#1931638 Thank to Consumers Rights team by whom my
#1849189 Thanks so much the issue stands closed post
#1842041 Excellent! Very Helpful
#1832763 Excellent! Very Excellent
#1901243 I am very happy; my issue is fixed after a long time
#1892149 I withdraw all amount from wallet. Thank you, all team
#1886559 Excellent, the issue was resolved. Thank you.
#1836984 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that he had
#1876334 Thank you Consumer Grievance team. Merchant
#1930344 Thanks a lot for your cooperation. Courier was
#1873329 Excellent. Thank you for excellent support.
#1835902 The amount was credited! Excellent. Thanks for the support.
#1828526 I got my refund. Thanks.
#1792607 I was facing network issues from long time.
#1772295 Excellent, really this platform is very good...
#1882231 When NCH spoke to the consumer, he confirmed that the company
#1774879 Excellent, very prompt and helpful service by government much needed in today's time.
#1865022 Thanks for your support. We received refund today. Consumer Feedback on INGRAM: Excellent. Got excellent help.
#1770287 Very Good. I appreciate the fact that the grievance was followed up and timely update was provided. Given the number of Indian citizens and numerous complaints filed on daily basis, this initiative is worthy of praise. Thank you.
#1773033 Excellent. Through this portal government is doing a great job, just wishing that the general publics are made aware of such service which will be of great help to the public. Keep it up!
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