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सफलता की कहानी / Success Story #2798669

NCH Docket No.: 2798669 Dated: 2021-06-23 Sector: Electronic Products
Problem Reported: Consumer had purchased two branded desktops in the last week of December 2020 and had paid ₹ 45,500 for them. Later, he faced an issue with the key board of one of them, as the system was not taking proper command which he gave from the key board. He called the company’s customer care, and the company’s team did everything via remote access but nothing happened. In the month of March 2021, the company tried everything like changing driver, checking in BIOS, reset system, trouble shooting, reinstall windows- just about everything, and thereafter they offered to change the system. They offered him a new refurbished system, but he wanted a new system and not a refurbished one.
Escalation by NCH: As the company is a convergence partner of the National Consumer Helpline, the grievance was responded by the company on the NCH Portal stating that the company would be providing a replacement unit to the customer
Consumer Remark in INGRAM: New replacement unit received from xxxx. Thank you for your support.
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