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सफलता की कहानी / Success Story #3829424

NCH Docket No.: 3829424 Dated: 2022-10-06 Sector: e-commerce - Online Cab Services/ Car Rentals
Problem Reported: Consumer had booked an online cab service and while booking the cab, the destination address was entered wrong, by mistake. However, during the journey they realised the mistake and immediately changed the destination address. The initial fare for the journey was shown as ₹. 825 and subsequent to change in address; the revised fare was shown as ₹ 823. As the fare was nearly the same, the consumer decided to continue the ride. However, at the destination the final bill came to ₹.1,365. The cab driver said that he was helpless regarding the discrepancy, as everything is controlled from the company and asked to raise a grievance. The consumer paid the full amount to him in cash. On raising the grievance, the company support executive said that they would look into the queries with the internal team and get back to him. Thereafter despite follow-up e-mails, there was no update from the company. The consumer wanted answers to his queries along with the fare refund for the excess amount charged.
Escalation by NCH: As the company is a convergence partner of NCH, the grievance was responded by them on the portal itself stating “ We would like to inform you that we have initiated a refund amount of Rs. 443/- to your bank account. We request you to wait for 3-5 working days for the refund.’
Consumer Remark in INGRAM: Excellent! Hats-off to this system developed by govt. for issuing grievance against suppliers. I was not getting responses from the Company's Support Executive. Hence, I had to raise a grievance on this system and the immediate next day a support executive from the Company called me and issued a refund for the service.
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