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सफलता की कहानी / Success Story #3753343

NCH Docket No.: 3753343 Dated: 2022-08-17 Sector: Domestic Airlines
Problem Reported: Consumer had booked return tickets for 3 members amounting to ₹.15,066/- for travel in September 2020 . In the last week of August 2020, she received two different mails stating that both the flights had been cancelled. One day earlier to the return date, she received a mail that the return flight was on schedule. So, she wrote a mail stating all the above to the Airlines, and received an automatic acknowledgement, but no further call or response from them. Since then – the last two years- she had been writing mails and making calls to the company’s customer care, but the refund had not been given. When she spoke to customer care in early August 2022, she was informed that the payment is stuck. However, they took her bank details and gave the assurance that it would be done soon. She then requested NCH to kindly look into the above matter and help her get the refund.
Escalation by NCH: As the Airlines is a convergence partner of NCH; the grievance was responded by them on the portal itself stating “We request you to send us NEFT details in order to process refund” and specified the format.
Consumer Remark in INGRAM: Excellent!!!! There are no suggestions at all. I am extremely happy to have received the refund after 2 years of continuous follow- up with no response from them. Happened to come across this website, registered a grievance and what a prompt response from INGRAM as well as the company within 24 hours!!!! At last, a website where consumers win without going to consumer court.
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