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सफलता की कहानी / Success Story #3937011

NCH Docket No.: 3937011 Dated: 2022-10-17 Sector: General Insurance - Health
Problem Reported: Consumer’s policy had expired in mid- October 2022, and it was the third year without any claims. He had been getting regular reminders from the company for renewal, so a week before the expiry date he renewed the policy by paying Rs.24453.00 through his Credit Card. Initially the payment failed but was immediately reattempted and went through. This successful transaction was acknowledged by SMS and email from both – the insurance company and the credit card company. However even after 10 days the policy had not been renewed. Several calls were made and assurances received that the concerned team was looking into the matter. Thereafter, he was informed that they were unable to track the payment details, so he responded with a screenshot of the payment acknowledgement sms received from them .However there was no meaningful response from the company other than sms and email, and consumer was concerned that he was at risk since he was out of cover, and the anxiety and mental agony made his nights sleepless. The consumer was of the view that the unprofessional attitude violated his basic consumer rights.
Escalation by NCH: As the Health Insurance Company is a convergence partner of the NCH, the grievance was responded on the portal itself that ‘we would like to inform you that we are attending to your complaint and shall revert to you shortly’
Consumer Remark in INGRAM: Excellent! Please keep up the good work and make us proud. Thank you all. Jai Hind.
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