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सफलता की कहानी / Success Story #2570103

NCH Docket No.: 2570103 Dated: 2021-02-07 Sector: NBFC
Problem Reported: Consumer had applied for a loan of ₹12,00,000 from a reputed NBFC, and had submitted the account statement of the entire year’s transactions along with all other documents, and was assured that the loan would be processed without any hassle. Later, the loan got rejected, despite the account statement being provided to the company at the beginning of the application itself, and the Company had deducted the processing fees of ₹10,620 /- also. Consumer had contacted them to return the loan file along with all the documents as well as the refund of the processing fees, charged unnecessarily. But, he had not yet received it.
Escalation by NCH: As the Company is a convergence partner of the National Consumer Helpline, the grievance was responded by the company on the NCH Portal that “Your request for refund of processing fees of ₹ 10,620/- paid at the time of application, is non-refundable. The same is mentioned on our application form signed by you. However, as an exception we are refunding an amount of ₹ 5,310/- after retaining ₹ 5,310/- being the cost of meeting the incidental expenses.”
Consumer Remark in INGRAM: Excellent.
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